There was a time when pop was used only for offices, shops, commercial places, etc. But now, the new modern pop plus minus design ideas have broken that mentality. It is a white powder made up of semi-dehydrated gypsum.

It is a heat-resistant and lightweight substance. It is used in the design and décor of homes mainly. It is molded after being formed into various kinds of fake ceilings, statues, and many other items such as recessed, suspended, T-bars, and so on, according to the client’s demands and businesses.

There are a massive number of cement materials available in a variety of styles and prices depending on the expected result and budget. Plus minus pop designs are famous for their stylish and elegant looks, affordable prices, and simple installation procedures.

Benefits of POP Plus Minus Designs:

Pop designs are more popular than other materials for a variety of reasons.

  1. Strength: Pop’s durability is outstanding, making it ideal for ceilings. It can give support to heavy lights and other fixtures without breaking.
  2. Waterproof: Since it is waterproof which makes it is an ideal choice for new modern pop plus minus design for bathrooms and kitchens because there is a lot of moisture in the air.
  3. Easy Installations: They are a good choice for DIY because of the easy installation process.
  4. Flexible Designs: They can be molded in any format or shape, which helps you to create unique ceiling designs that will add personality to your home.
  5. Wide Range of Colors and Textures: They are available in a wide range of colors and textures, so you can choose the one that fits your style.

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Modern Pop Plus Minus Design Ideas 2023

Here are some trending new modern pop plus minus design ideas to enhance the look of your space.

1. Pop Designs for Bedroom

Pop Designs for Bedroom

Floral designs in soft pastel tones are a sophisticated choice for a bedroom with no false ceiling.

Sometimes, they are made to fit the room’s color scheme with darker shades of the same color used in the bed linen and window coverings. For a more precise and elegant look, use the false ceiling on the border with small flower designs.

It is a fantastic concept for small bedrooms because it is less fussy. You can incorporate beautiful pop designs for the bedroom with patterns on the false ceiling for more modern décor. Ornamental lighting, arcs, circles, tiled glass panes, acrylic, and curves are the popular designs.

2. Plus Minus Pop Designs for the Hall

Plus Minus Pop Designs for the Hall

False ceilings with intricate cornice patterns are incredibly decorative, and they will make any visitor sit up and take notice.

To create an opulent and elegant ambiance in large settings, use plus-minus POP ceiling designs combined with sparkling chandeliers. 

Tray pop design is the trending new modern pop plus minus design with a layered impression, and the layer’s edges being lower than the rest of the ceiling gives it the appearance of a tray. 

This type of design is ideal for small and contemporary living areas. To add more detailing, you can add a border to the tray design with simple motifs like a swirl of delicate flowers.

3. Plus Minus Pop Design for Kitchen

Plus Minus Pop Design for Kitchen

A new modern pop plus minus design is the easiest option to increase your kitchen areas. To improve the cooking experience, the kitchen should have the perfect lighting, and the false ceiling contributes to this. In most kitchens, it is also an excellent way to conceal additional wiring and pipes.

4. Plus Minus Pop Design for the Bathroom

Plus Minus Pop Design for the Bathroom

Pop design in the bathroom can transform a place from ordinary to exceptional. Adding light color pop curves, cones, waves, or swirls might appear inviting in small modern bathrooms.

5. Plus Minus Design for the Porch

A simple plus-minus-pop design can make the porch look elegant. Choose simple shapes like ovals or circles. Alternatively, use POP square structures on the ceiling with contrasting colors for better plus-minus appeal. 

You can make your porch appear more prominent and more airy by setting concentric circles around it. You can also use the basic grid pattern for a simple POP design.

6. Plus-minus Pop Design for Dining Room

Plus-minus Pop Design for Dining Room

There are endless options for the latest pop design available for the dining room. Lighting plays a vital role in the decoration of the dining room to enjoy the delectable food. 

Plus, minus pop design can be used to enhance the aesthetic of the dining room and dining experience. If you want to design a dining room with two levels and recessed lighting, you can use a two-layered POP ceiling design. 

Hanging the mismatched lighting fixtures from a pop false ceiling above the dining table can enhance the décor of the dining room.

7. Plus-minus Pop Design for Pooja Room

Plus-minus Pop Design for Pooja Room

One of the most attractive features of Indian temples is their beautifully carved and ornamented ceilings. 

You can get the same effect with a new modern pop plus minus design for a puja room at home. For a large puja area, you can create elegant, lavishly detailed plus-minus POP ceiling designs by reproducing the entire Mahabharata or Lakshmi’s incarnations. 

Use simple leaf and flower borders to give your small pooja room a more modern touch.

8. Plus Minus Pop Design for Lobby

Plus Minus Pop Design for Lobby

The Lobby is the first thing to be noticed when someone walks into your home. The latest pop design will help you to make it beautiful. 

With a plus-minus POP ceiling design, your entryway will have an old-world feel. Use ornamental patterns and mirrors on the walls to enhance them with antique metal sconces.

9. Yin and Yang Pop Design

Yin and Yang Pop Design

There is no better way to decorate a gallery than to add an element of artistic beauty to the décor. A yin-yang pop design can work wonders in making the room look beautiful.

Tips for Creating Plus Minus Design

  • Choose lights with brightness and different color options to create an atmosphere.
  • You can choose LED recessed lights, flush mount lights, cove lights, or chandeliers according to the room’s décor. 
  • Opt for the latest pop design to give your home a new appearance. Create niches, partitions, cornices, wall trimmings, and mirror frames with the plus-minus POP design. 

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