If you plan to add a false ceiling to enhance your home décor, many modern, simple, pop design ideas exist. Walls with POP designs and ceilings create an impression and become statement pieces of your beautiful and imaginative interior décor.

So many materials are available to design the ceilings depending on one’s desires and budget. POP is known for its fashionable and gorgeous appearance, easy installation procedures, and affordable prices.

It is a white powder that hardens after being mixed with water. It can be used to create creative trimming and artificial ceilings for interior decoration.

It is also a fantastic method to incorporate Vastu discoveries into your houses. Low-cost, modern, simple POP designs are an excellent method to hide any exposed wires. It also aids in insulating a room’s temperature and is energy efficient.

Read more for low-cost POP design ideas for making your home look brand new and gorgeous. There are a variety of materials from which you can pick your ceiling design, and the most common and affordable one is Plaster of Paris.

Choose something unique, quirky, and fashionable, depending on the vibe of your home. It is the most convenient because of its simple installation and affordable prices. We have summarized some low-cost modern pop designs.

1. Modern Pop False Ceiling Design with Wood

Modern Pop False Ceiling Design with Wood

Wooden work on the ceiling and POP to give your home a rustic look.

Wood panels in geometric designs accompanied with POP moldings will create a modern simple pop design to give a vintage effect. Use yellow or white to create a beautiful look for a pop design.

2. Modern Simple Pop Design: Dining Room Ceiling Design

Dining Room Pop Ceiling Design

Dining rooms are multi-purpose spaces in homes. For some people, it’s a place to spend time with family, dine, entertain, and even work.

However, today’s dining room designs are becoming more and more bland and uninspiring. This simple pop design can transform even the most boring dining room.

3. Circular Pop Ceiling Design

Circular Pop Ceiling Design

Rounded false ceilings are a tried and tested technique to create an illusion of space. A simple circle POP ceiling can be a perfect backdrop for ceiling fans, decorative hangings, and light fixtures. You can maximize interest in the area in this way.

4. Simple False Ceiling Pop Designs for Living Room

Simple False Ceiling Pop Designs for Living Room

The design shown in the image is simple to adopt if you are concerned about price. This simple pop ceiling design is affordable and takes less time than plus-minus pop designs or modern designs.

5. Unique Shape Modern Pop Ceiling Design

Unique Shape Modern Pop Ceiling Design

It is possible to bring a dynamic plan to any room using an unusually shaped POP ceiling. In addition to serving as a focal point, it creates a comfortable modern feel. Look no further than this POP design idea to make your interior visually appealing!

6. Double Layer Pop Ceiling Design

Double Layer Pop Ceiling Design

False ceiling designs do not have to be complex. The layered POP ceiling is not a new technique, and it is used to create a height and add a dynamic element to a space. This modern simple pop design makes a room look chic, rich, and sophisticated.

7. Triple-layer Pop Ceiling

Triple-layer Pop Ceiling

If you want to create an illusion of height for a living room, then a triple-layer POP ceiling is the best way. It not only makes the room seem taller than it is.

8. Cornered Pop Ceiling

Cornered Pop Ceiling

It is unnecessary to install POP throughout the room. If you want something to draw interest to a particular area in the room, then install a pop ceiling in that corner.

9. Fan Pop Ceiling

Fan Pop Ceiling

A fan-shaped POP ceiling serves as a perfect backdrop for your fan and adds a major statement to the space. Modern, simple POP design is a simple technique that can be applied to various products.

10. Modern Geometric Pop Ceiling Design

Modern Geometric Pop Ceiling Design

Using geometric shapes in contemporary interior design is a clever and visually appealing way to add personality to any room. The geometric POP ceiling can be a crowd-pleasing decorative accent for a room.

11. Floral Modern Pop Design

This type of design involves creating a design element on the ceiling that resembles flowers or leaves using POP. It can be simple or intricate, often used in bedrooms and living areas to create a romantic and natural atmosphere.

Only a few elements are required to create a simple flower or leaf design. It is more cost-effective and straightforward.

12. Combination of Modern Pop Designs

Combination of Modern Pop Designs

Combining two or more simple POP designs is known as the combination of modern POP designs. For example, a geometric design with the cove design or a circular design with the floral design can create a unique and personalized look to suit any room.

One of the most popular combinations is the cove design, with a simple geometric border that can create a modern and elegant look.

13. 3D Pop Designs for Bedroom for an Eclectic Aesthetic Look

3D Pop Designs for Bedroom for an Eclectic Aesthetic Look

It involves creating a pattern that appears to be three-dimensional, which adds depth and texture to the ceiling.

It creates a dramatic and visually exciting look in the room. 3D hexagonal pattern is a popular pattern that adds depth and texture to the ceiling while remaining simple and elegant.

14. Partition-effect Pop Ceiling

Partition-effect Pop Ceiling

You can use square-shaped POP ceilings to create an illusion of division in an open space. It individualizes and harmonizes the space. A modern, simple pop design like this can uplift your home’s décor.

15. Mirrored Pop Ceiling

Mirrors in interior spaces add a stunning element to the area. The presence of mirrors is unlikely to be found in any home. 

You can make a small space look bigger with mirrors in your home, one of the oldest tricks in the book. This is due to the reflective properties illuminating poorly-lit corners in a room and giving them a natural glow. Any modern home would benefit from a mirrored simple POP ceiling design that creates a sense of space and adds a sense of zing.

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