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Growing trends in Hotel Interior Design

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The trend of Hotel Interior Designing has evolved a lot in the past few years. With the never-ending modernization and change of fashion, the hospitality industry is also witnessing changes in the designing language. Today interior designing for a hotel is focused more on smart technical inventions, art & craft, homely comfort, multi-functionality, and luxury.

Home theatre design

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Nothing is better than having a theatre-like movie experience along with homely comfort. Home theatres are no longer talk of substantial financial investment. There are a lot of availabilities in the market that makes home theatre setup an affordable interest today. With the latest yet affordable technologies, more people can enjoy the home theatre experience

Interior designing tips to transform your bedroom into a modern comfort

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A bedroom is undoubtedly the most crucial space of your house that is supremely dedicated to your happiness and pleasure. Unlike other rooms and areas like a living room or guest room, bedrooms are our heaven, a cozy and comfy treat for us to enjoy to the fullest. Importance of a bedroom in house When