Television plays an essential role in the house. It brings all the family members together for entertainment and relaxation after work. Television lovers want to achieve the optimum viewing angle. 

Add a special touch to enhance this collective experience by creating a beautiful TV wall. A visually pleasing TV wall enhances the aesthetics of the overall interior of the house, so here are a few TV wall design ideas that will help you create a beautiful TV wall.

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Living Room Modern TV Wall Design Ideas

1. Modern Tv Wall Design with Custom Cabinetry

Modern Tv Wall Design with Custom Cabinetry

Build custom cabinetry to house the TV and other media components. It creates a sleek, modern design that seamlessly integrates technology into the space.

 This will give you a dedicated space for all your media components. The custom cabinetry can be designed to match the existing aesthetic of the room.

2. Tv Wall Design With Textures, Colors, and Materials

Tv Wall Design With Textures, Colors, and Materials

Create a feature wall with the TV as the focal point, using different textures, colors, or materials to create visual interest and make the television stand out. 

Using this approach, you can highlight the TV while adding a dynamic and unique element to the room. You can create a feature wall using various materials like wood paneling, stone, and wallpaper to create a textured background for the TV. Add lighting to the featured wall, making the TV stand out even more.

3. Living Room Modern TV wall Design with Hidden Wires

Living Room Modern Tv Wall Design with Hidden Wires

Place your TV in the center of built-in shelves (if you have one) to enhance the existing interior design and make it a natural and stylish part of the room.

This will allow you to use the shelves as a backdrop for the TV wall design and draw attention to the beautiful architectural features of your home. If you do not have built-in shelves, Mount shelves on either side of the television to take advantage of this design idea. 

You can use this technique to create symmetry and balance and display various items of interest, such as books, art, or other decor items with fun textures and prints. This is also a great way to add color to a wall that otherwise is plain or uninteresting. 

4. Floating Shelves for TV Display

Floating Shelves for TV Display

Minimalist TV walls with floating shelves offer a sleek, uncluttered look that is perfect for modern interiors. Install a floating shelf beneath your TV. This will elevate your TV, provide a minimalist backdrop, and allow other design elements in the room to shine. 

5. Wooden Wall with TV Mount

Wooden Wall with TV Mount

A wooden fence can infuse warmth and character into your living space. Choose a rustic wooden panel to create a captivating backdrop for the living room TV wall design.

Mount the TV in the center to achieve a balanced look. The natural texture of the wood adds a touch of organic charm, which blends the modern technology of your TV with a natural aesthetic.

6. Geometric TV Wall Design

Geometric TV Wall Design

You can do much with leftover wood while cleaning a home. Making a geometric wall is one of them. Make an interesting geometric pattern using leftover wood on your TV wall design. You’ll be surprised by the results. Make sure to paint it bright to make the way stand out.

7. Nature-inspired TV Wall

Nature-inspired TV Wall

If you are a plant lover and can’t find enough space around your home or balcony, how about a nature-inspired modern TV wall design? You can also get some plants like succulents, snake plants, fiddle leaf figs, and a few flowering pots with small flowers and create your miniature garden inside your home. 

8. Marble TV Wall

Marble TV Wall

Marble is always considered luxurious and looks great on countertops and floors. A marble is one of those TV wall ideas that looks luxurious. Pick a pastel color that will stay timeless as the years go by.

9. Cement Living Room Tv Wall Design

Cement TV Wall Design

This is the most unique living room TV wall design, which is an excellent choice if you like a rustic, industrial finish to your home. You can also get the option to do it up seasonally as per the colors and art of your choice ever so often, or you can keep it classic with black furniture and accents.

Adding photos near your TV is a great idea. It’s always good to have some memories around. It makes the wall personalized and sparks conversations even when the television is off. This is also simple and super affordable to achieve.

11. White TV Wall

White TV Wall

If white is your favorite color, use white furnishings. This white modern TV wall design may look a little flat, so add some wooden tones to make it look more attractive.

12. Aqua Blue TV Wall

Aqua Blue TV Wall

Aqua Blue is a soothing color that gives the room a soothing feel. 

13. Sleek and Stunning TV Wall Design

Sleek and Stunning TV Wall Design

A TV unit design like this is a great pick for limited space. The wooden TV wall adds a texture to the area while providing a sleek look. Add a glass shelf, too, so it doesn’t waste space. 

Which Paint Colors Are Best for TV Wall Design?

There’s no rule for styling the rest of the wall around your TV. It depends upon your style. 

  • Choose a neutral wall color for a classic vibe. TVs generally look good with off-whites, whites, and grays. 
  • If you want to disguise your screen, consider a dark paint color like black or deep navy blue. You can also surround your TV with a vibrant gallery wall. 

How to Choose a TV Unit?

Your TV unit can make or break the look of your room. Therefore, before making your TV cabinet selection, it is essential to consider several factors.


Room layout is the first thing to consider. TV wall designs should be in sync with room layouts to ensure aesthetics. The layout also determines the unit’s size.


The TV unit should be larger than the TV. The size of the unit will also depend on the size of the room. Choose a wall-mounted entertainment unit if your space is limited. 

Material and Color

The finish and color of your TV unit will depend on the decor of your room. Wooden finishes and soft colors will create a warm, homey atmosphere. 


The design of your TV unit should reflect your lifestyle and personality. It should fit in with the rest of your home’s interior design, whether minimal, rustic, or urban chic. 

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