Want to give your house a mesmerizing look with these trendy and beautiful exterior wall paint? We Indians consider our home as our most prized possession. Who doesn’t love to get appreciated and acknowledged? Everybody likes to have visitors at their house with appreciation.

Your house’s exterior look indicates the homeowner’s value and status. With so many trendy designs, choosing the best one that suits your home can be confusing. 

We are here with a fantastic set of colors and palettes that will help beautify the exteriors of your house.

What is Exterior Wall Paint?

Paint used outside a home or any building or business is known as exterior paint. Some essential constituents of most outdoor wall paint are Solvents, Pigments, Additives, and Binders.

Best Outdoor Wall Paint Colors:

1. Grey and White

Grey and White

This combination of grey and white can be your safe play in the exterior of your house. Most modern Indian dwellings are designed in block patterns. So, choose white and grey painted exterior blocks with rich wooden window frames. This color combination goes well with greeneries.

2. Gray and Yellow

Gray and Yellow

Gray and yellow is a cheerful and modern color scheme that makes a striking combination for exterior wall paint. Use a golden yellow color for the front door, shutters, and siding accents. Yellow color is always known for grabbing attention and making a welcoming impression.

3. Classic White and Navy Blue

outside wall paint : Classic White and Navy Blue

Make a Bold statement with your home’s exterior. Use this beautiful classic combination of white and navy blue. White provides a blank canvas for navy blue accents to stand out. Consider painting your home’s siding or stucco white and using navy blue for doors, shutters, trim, or accent walls. This versatile pair can’t go wrong.

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4. Navy Blue and Deep Brown

The Navy blue and deep brown color scheme evokes a natural feel, as deep blue represents the sea. The navy blue color pairs beautifully with deep brown for an outdoor wall paint that feels like a connection with nature.

5. Green and Cream

Green and Cream

A green and cream combination always creates a calming and stylish exterior—the light green shade of green pairs beautifully with off-whites and whites.

6. Black and white

Black and white is a bold and dramatic choice for any home’s exterior. Combining dark black and bright white creates a modern and polished look. Prevent the exterior of your home from being too harsh by using natural wood elements. 

7. Muted Pastels

Muted Pastels

Muted tones evoke a romantic look perfect for cottage-style homes. Baby pink, blues, greens, and yellows create a soft, dreamy exterior. Make sure to do some samples to see how the colors look in different types of light. 

8. Olive Green and Grey

outdoor wall paint: Olive Green and Grey

This color combination complements a wooded or rural setting. These muted tones blend into the surrounding landscape.

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Importance of Exterior Paint

Exterior Wall paint might be an unpleasant and time-consuming process, but it’s worthwhile to paint your outside walls. Read here about the importance of painting your home’s exterior. 

  1. If you keep your exterior walls appropriately, they will keep dust and filth away. If you live in an area with continual building activities, then it is crucial to invest in protective dust paint.
  2. Painting the exterior walls of your house can assist in protecting the property from rain, dust, or harsh sun rays. This will help you protect your house walls by extending the longevity of your primary structure and guaranteeing your outside wall paint looks fantastic.
  3. Your interior walls also benefit from fresh exterior paint on the outer walls. Your interior paint looks new for longer if your exterior walls can suffer sun rays and heavy rain. 
  4. A new coat of exterior wall paint can make it seem more inviting and cheerier to guests. Make sure to select a shade that best suits your home’s color scheme and complements the nearby properties.
  5. It can help you get a better price for your house. Painting with the best paint for your house exterior is a terrific approach to boosting your property’s worth.
  6. Painting the house’s exterior with low Volatile Organic Compounds may help you enhance the general quality of air inside. 
  7. Painting the exterior of your house always seems to be an additional expense, but it may save you money on future repairs. Additionally, if you’re planning to hire a professional to paint your house, they will guide you to the best paint that suits your home by considering the weather conditions. 
  8. By painting the exterior wall paint, you’ll learn about defects like mold, mildew, and stains, which many homeowners cannot find.
  9. Fresh wall paint can also cover up any blemishes or stains that may have accumulated on your walls over time. Dust on the outside walls of your house is frequent in some cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bihar, etc. Anti-dust exterior paints can prevent this. 

Types of Exterior Paints

We all want to pick the best quality of outside wall paint to protect our home from weather damage, insects, and other environmental factors. Here are some of the best colors available in India to consider for your home.

  1. Water-based exterior paint is environmentally friendly and easily cleaned using soap and water. It dries up quickly and contains low levels of VOCs. It can be used on wood, stucco, and brick.
  1. Oil-based paint: Oil-based paints are more durable and long-lasting, which makes them ideal for high-traffic areas. It provides excellent coverage and adhesion to most of the exterior surfaces. It takes longer to dry, and mineral spirits are used for cleanup.
  1. Textured Paint: It creates a textured finish that can hide the imperfections on the surface. It can be used to add interest and depth to flat surfaces. It may require a primer coat and multiple layers for full coverage. 
  1. Elastomeric paint is highly flexible and can expand and contract with changing temperatures and weather conditions. It provides excellent water resistance and protection against cracking. 

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