The dining area should be a warm and cozy place where family members can relax and enjoy a meal together. It doesn’t matter whether you have a huge space or just a tiny corner, dining table will be the center of attraction. So, picking the right dining table is something you should do after careful consideration.

In this blog post, I’ve laid out 9+ modern dining table design ideas for you. Not only this, I’ve also talked about what you should consider before choosing a modern dining table. So, let’s get started!

3 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Modern Dining Table Design

#1 – Size & Shape

A wrong size and shape can make you spend double. Here’s a scenario: Think that you’ve purchased a small dining table because only a few members exist in your family. But at the same time, you’re someone who loves to have parties at home. Now think, would that small table work? No! And thinking about this you might buy a large dining table, which isn’t a great idea either. In such cases, I’d recommend buying a foldable dining table.

2 – Material

When it comes to material, you want to be picky. As you know, there are a variety of materials in the market. Only experts can explain which one is fake and which one isn’t. If I could explain the quality of various materials used in dining table, I would have. But to be honest, it’s not possible to help you in one word. So in cases like these, I’d recommend you to consult with HSAA’s interior professionals. They not only give the best advice but also show you various alternatives that might look good with your current setup. And don’t worry, we don’t charge for consultation 🙂

3 – Versatility & Functionality

It’s true that dining room is for having a nice meal. But for some people, it’s much more than that. I’ve seen people using the same dining table for working from home, games, study, and various other reasons. If you fall in the same group, you should check out whether your table is versatile enough or not.

Tip: If you’re about to place your dining table on rooftop, always go for waterproof material. Otherwise, the rain can degrade your table over time.

9 Modern Dining Table Design Ideas (You Must Explore)

#1 – Modern White Dining Table

Modern White Dining Table

This is a perfect solution for intimate coffee mornings or family dinners for four. Its French bistro-style table complements contemporary dining rooms and eat-in kitchens. Apart from this, it gives an elegant modern aesthetic vibe, which combines well with a glossy grey-veined marble surface and an attractive stem of white lacquered, engineered hardwood.

#2 – Modern Marble Dining Table

Modern Marble Dining Table

Two golden triangular legs make a distinct golden base for this compact-sized rectangular modern dining table design, crowned with a beautiful marble top. Not only this, its golden finish delivers a simple and modern look at its finest.

#3 – Geometric Dining Table

Geometric Dining Table

A perfect dining table for a formal dining room. This mesmerizing green and white dining table stands on a unique golden color geometric base. Also, the marble-topped table changes the entire look of the dining table.

#4 – Modern Wood Dining Table

Modern Wood Dining Table

Just in case you’re looking for something calm, a breezy blue cushioned chair in combination with a white frame is all you need. You might not know this but these are excellent choices for beach coastal dining rooms and crisp kitchen spaces.

#5 – Contemporary Modern Dining Table

Contemporary Modern Dining Table

This modern dining table design gives an elite appearance. Besides, one of the best things about a contemporary look is that it can be matched with almost any décor, giving a unique style.

#6 – Marble Dining Table with Tub Chairs

Marble Dining Table with Tub Chairs

A marble dining table is a solid and durable material but it’s also way more expensive than glass and wood. So, it’s essential to take careful consideration as it can’t be changed later.

Another big advantage of having a marble dining table is that it’s easy to customize it as per the customer’s requirement. In fact, our designers at HSAA oftentimes come across the same situation.

#7 – Try This Unique Steel Dining Table Design

Try this Unique Steel Dining Table Design

Have you ever heard, less is more? This modern steel dining table design pretty much explains the same. And guess what? Its stability and durability is impeccable.

#8 – Wood and Glass Dining Table

Wood and Glass Dining Table

Here comes a small-sized comfortable seating between 4 and 6 diners. This space-saving compact dining table has a smooth, transparent tempered glass top and wood legs. 

# 9 – Modern Folding Dining Table

Modern Folding Dining Table

Dining tables can take up a lot of space, and if you have a small house, it might be difficult to keep one, so opt for something like this. Although it can accommodate only 4 people, it can be extended for 6 people. You know what’s more interesting? We can even use it as an office desk.

#10 – Modern Plywood Dining Table Design

Modern Plywood Dining Table Design

Plywood is an excellent alternative to traditional woods like Teak and Mahogany. This modern design table is solid and value-for-money. It gives the impression of a classy wood finish. And generally, it’s paired with a metal frame chair design to support the added weight. If requierd, you can also add a PVC laminate to add a glossy finish and more elegance to this design.

What’s Next?

So you have gone through these designs and nothing seems to work for you? In that case, I think you should talk to interior designers of HSAA. They can give you Free consultation!

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