Double bed designs are getting popular day by day. With so many innovations in the market, it might take time to decide what type of double bed design is right for you. 

To help you select the best design, explore the latest trends in double bed design. It is the star of the show. When we enter a room, it is the first thing to be noticed and the centerpiece of our room. It is a focal point that grabs attention and sets the tone for the rest of the space.

So, it is essential to choose the right double bed design for your bedroom. They are famous for bedrooms of all sizes due to their size, versatility, comfort, and ample space to sleep comfortably. However, what sets them apart is the wide range of designs that suit all tastes.

It offers sufficient space for two people to sleep comfortably. From modern to classic styles, there are a massive number of designs available in the market. If you have enough space for a double bed, select the furniture piece considering the overall design style of your bedroom. 

Modern double bed design meets the need by providing a roomy feel for single sleepers and a cozy environment for couples. 

You may want to know the latest bedroom double bed design trend. Today’s furniture designs come up with multi-functionality and space-saving features. Beds are not just a place to sleep but also offer convenient storage underneath. It can help keep your bedroom clutter-free and provide an organizational solution for smaller spaces. 

Here are the Top Eye-catching Double Bed Designs.

1. Wood Double Bed Design

Wood Double Bed Design

Wooden Double bed designs will naturally bring charm to your bedroom. They can be simple yet eye-catching, so consider them for your requirements. They even have built-in storage options to keep all your essential items without any difficulties. 

2. Double Box Bed Design with Storage

Double Box Bed Design with Storage

Double box bed offers ample storage options for users. It will help you save a lot of space at home. They also come in different variants. One of them is the hydraulic double bed design

They are great options for helping you to maximize storage space. They are easy to lift, which enables you to use the entire area beneath the bed. There are wooden box beds that come with a classic wood finish.

Some of them come up with storage shelves and help you to keep books and other items easily without needing additional space in the bedroom. A storage double bed design has built-in drawers or compartments underneath the mattress for extra storage space.

 From modern to traditional, they come in many styles and of different materials. They are an excellent choice for small bedrooms or those needing extra storage space. 

3. Traditional Double Bed Design

Traditional Double Bed Design

Traditional double bed design is a classic design that has stood the test of time. This design has four tall posts supporting a decorative frame or canopy. These beds are generally made from wood. Intricate carvings and decorative elements can be found on the posts and headboards of these beds. A four-poster bed adds a sense of grandeur and elegance to a bedroom.

4. Modern Platform Double Bed Design

Modern Platform Double Bed Design

Modern double bed design (platform) means a bed that typically features a simple and clean design with a minimal aesthetic. There is usually no need for a box spring with a platform frame because it sits directly on the floor. These beds have sleek lines, a low headboard or no headboard, and they are made from materials like wood or metal. It is an excellent choice for a modern or industrial-style bedroom. 

5. Vintage Iron Double Bed Design

Vintage Iron Double Bed Design

The vintage iron double bed design is a charming design that contains an iron frame with ornate details. This piece features intricate metalwork that gives it a rustic, antique appearance. They mostly have curved lines and decorative elements on the headboard. A vintage iron bed can add a charming vintage feel to a bedroom. 

6. Double Bed Design with Side Tables

Double Bed Design with Side Tables

A contemporary double bed design is a mix of beauty and utility. A stylish side table and a roomy sleeping area are included in the most recent double bed design for your convenience. A double bed made up of high-quality materials ensures a comfortable sleep. This type of double bed offers the height of comfort and style. Enhance the ambiance of your bedroom with this double bed design with tables.

7. Tufted Double Bed Design

Tufted Double Bed Design

Tufted beds have padded headboards and footboards covered in fabric or leather with tufting details. In addition to their plush, luxurious look, these beds can be customized with various materials and colors. There is no doubt that tufted beds make a bedroom more glamorous and sophisticated.

Coastal Grandma 2023 Bedroom Design Trends

In the interior design world, the coastal grandmother look shows no signs of slowing down. The bedroom trend gaining popularity in 2023 isn’t old or dated at all, despite its name. A timeless style, the style captures the essence of refined yet relaxed coastal living.

Understated yet highly elegant, the coastal grandmother design is refreshingly understated. Despite the presence of oceanic themes, they are applied subtly. Use a light, nautical blue, and neutral color palette to achieve the desired results. Style staples include vintage furnishings and cozy but breezy fabrics. Finish the room with a vase of flowers, wicker storage baskets, and a slip-covered armchair.

9. Art Deco Revisited

Art Deco Revisited

The Art Deco trend is another top bedroom trend in 2023, perfect for creative types who love old-world glamour! Due to its bold patterns and general fun nature, it was bound to make a strong comeback sooner rather than later.

Use muted base colors like beige or grey, then add extravagant hues like gold, sapphire, and emerald. Geometric patterns should also be featured but balanced out with rounded shapes. Consider, for instance, an Art Deco headboard with gently curved edges. An additional style hallmark is velvet finishes, which lend a wonderfully deluxe feel.

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