The restaurant industry is evolving, with new restaurant concepts springing up every day. For your restaurant concept to stand out from the crowd in 2023, the focus should be on providing clients with a unique eating experience rather than merely wonderful food and excellent service.

When you look at human psychology closely, you can see how consumers use their stereotypes and preconceived notions about a cafe business to expect these core services to be at their finest.

Being a cafe owner, it’s true you have to provide outstanding food and service to your clients. But that’s not all, you have to perform your key services at the highest level possible. However, because of the Law of Diminishing Return, investing the majority of your resources in your essential services only will lead to a breaking point and won’t give any output.

The cafe business is more than a food business; it is a show business, especially in the digital age, where people continuously click pictures of their happy moments to post on social media to depict a happy existence and a social status. If this is not the case, then there will be no such things as “FOMO” or “Pics or it didn’t happen.”

So keep in mind that your consumers expect more than just excellent food and service; they want an experience they can talk about on social media. The best method to improve your Modern Cafe Interior Design or restaurant experience is to spend some of your resources on good interior design that your customers will love and post on social media. This also provides free exposure for your business, resulting in a strong return on investment.

According to studies, the interior design of a restaurant has a significant impact on its mood, and a nice interior has a positive impact on happiness. You can use the subjective interpretation of the human mind to impact the psychology of your customers by using the interior design of your cafe. Attractive interiors are more likely to attract and retain customers. A rising number of cafes and restaurants are redesigning their interiors to give customers a more immersive dining experience.

Here are a few crucial ideas for modern cafe interior design that your customers will love.

Philosopher’s Stone:

Author Simon Sinek explores the Golden Circle concept in his book Start with Why and advises all businesses to follow it. (Why? How? & What?) are the three sections of the circle. “WHY?” is the name of the innermost circle, representing your company’s essential values.

Cafe interior design ideas

This is the philosophy and theme of your company. Your cafe is more than a company; it’s a persona, and you should think about how you want to portray it. One way to do this is to utilize your Modern Cafe Interior Design to express a certain theme or philosophy. This is your philosopher’s stone, an ideology.

Customers can build on their past knowledge of those notions and become more comfortable with your brand by using a specific color, theme, or idea linked with your interior. You can employ the associating principle from persuasion psychology to deliver the greatest service to your consumers by using those known concepts associated with your interior.

For example, the two most essential parts of any Modern Cafe Interior Design Idea are the color scheme and the raw materials. By employing them creatively and portraying who you are as a business, your “Persona,” may improve the look and vibe of any venue.

On the other side, poor color selection and the use of improper raw materials can make your area look unappealing or even dull! The proper use of these materials can be used to depict the persona or theme of your cafes, such as a hangout, music, takeaway, vintage, or corporate cafe.

1. Modern Cafe Interior Design: Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

Modern Cafe Interior Design: Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

“Keep it simple” is a new modern-age saying; however, this attitude has its origins in ancient times. “Keep it simple,” or Minimalism, is a concept in which people, in contrast to their fast-paced lives, aim to slow down and simplify a few things to appreciate them more fully.

This is reflected in the cafe industry, where minimalism-based design themes have grown in popularity, particularly among this generation’s youth, among the different varieties of interior design themes.

Minimalistic interior design, which is influenced by Japanese culture (Zen), stresses only those elements that are required to achieve a certain aim and nothing more.

Here are a few easy recommendations for giving your restaurant a more basic or minimalistic look and feel:


Minimalist-designed spaces usually have a monochromatic color scheme consisting of white, beige, and grey. This style aims to simplify forms and colors to create light, bright, and elegant rooms.

Less is More

“Less is more” is another statement associated with modern minimalism. In this minimalistic approach, only the essentials are cut: good materials, an open layout, and soft lighting. The ultimate goal is to instil a sense of freedom and calm. Excessive decorations and style defeat the idea of natural style but leave room for a few art pieces at all times.

The list could go on and on to explain minimalism, but it can all be summed up in one Leonardo Da Vinci quote: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.“

2. Modern Cafe Interior Design: The Cloud Kitchen (aka, Ghost Kitchen)

Modern Cafe Interior Design: The Cloud Kitchen (aka, Ghost Kitchen)

Returning to the introduction’s point about the eating experience, there’s one more thing to think about while designing the interior of your cafe: The Cloud Kitchen (aka, Ghost Kitchen).

The modern-day practice of “having everything delivered to your doorstep” is making a major impact on cafe and restaurant businesses that provide a dining area for their customers to enjoy their meals.

Leveraging vast sums of money to run these businesses compared to the cloud kitchen, it is becoming increasingly difficult for enterprises like cafes and restaurants to regain market dominance. According to the study, nearly 60% of millennials prefer to purchase food online rather than go to their local cafe.

And all of this makes sense. In this digital age, life is quick and with a growing hustling culture, it is difficult for any firm to attract clients.

So, if you’re wondering how it all relates to interior design, here’s an example of how smart interior design may help your business compete with the ghost. But instead of looking at the culinary or interior design industries, we should look at the film industry.

What do the film and food industries have in common? Both are, of course, accessible via the Internet. With a few clicks, your food will be delivered to your door, and with movies, there is “Netflix & Chill.” Online streaming services are steadily driving movie theaters out of business, and several of Netflix’s early competitors, such as Blockbuster, are no longer in business. On the other hand, organizations like Sony, Disney, Marvel, DC, and other large corporations are unaffected by a single strategy: “Cinematic Experience.”

These large businesses profit from their viewers by implanting an abstract concept in their minds that is utterly subjective. This is a psychological phenomenon, not an absolute reality, as it is a subjective interpretation of the fans of these films.

In objective fact, it is just a movie; seeing it in a theatre or on TV makes no difference; yet, in the subjective opinion of a fan, it is more than a movie; it is a “cinematic experience.” Allow the word “cinematic” to settle in, and you’ll see why major franchises use the term “Cinematic” or “Cinematic Universe.”

If you have any knowledge of how our brains operate, you’ve probably figured out where I’m going with this, but if you don’t, allow me to explain. Author “Daniel Kahneman” states in his book “Thinking Fast and Slow” that our brain is divided into two systems: System 1 is fast but irrational, and System 2 is slow but sensible. But let’s call System 1 the Feeling Brain and System 2 the Thinking Brain for the sake of simplicity.

These corporations are using our fast and irrational Feeling Brain, and we aren’t even aware of it. The Feeling Brain only uses stereotypes or preconceived thoughts that are relevant to any topic. It relies on intuition and what feels right to him rather than calculating the rationality of any decision because that is the job of our slow Thinking Brain.

For example, the notion that “expensive = good quality” is popular among luxury brands, and many people believe it, particularly in tech industry. Rather than checking a gadget’s specifications, the majority of customers rely on the stereotype that “experience = good” to make a purchase.

And this is what the word “cinematic” does for the film industry: we already know that “Cinema = Theatre,” therefore audiences go to the theaters to engage in this “Cinematic Experience.”

So there should be a compelling reason for your customers to come to your modern cafe interior design ideas or restaurant when they can have the same meal delivered to their home in no time. An “Experience,” rather than just outstanding cuisine or service. Something they can brag about, something that makes them feel good when they visit your establishment, something that makes them feel better than those who are unfamiliar with your brand.

This is where the interior design steals the show; a well-designed interior will provide a compelling reason for people to visit your establishment because they will not only be getting food but also an experience that they cannot get at home.

You might think that this is too complicated and that it will take a skilled interior design team to investigate what best suits our brand and what aids us in creating that experience. In response to this, all I can say is that this is what our organization has been doing for decades: addressing complex difficulties relating to interior work and producing “experiences” in the minds of your consumers. But, if you want to do it yourself and feel it will be difficult, all I can say is, “Who said fighting a ghost would be easy?”

3. Cafe Interior Design Ideas: Let’s Shake Hands

Cafe Interior Design Ideas: Let’s Shake Hands

Let’s assume you don’t want to hire a research team to go deep into your interior design job, but you still want to do it your way then here’s how you can provide your customers that experience.

With the rise of social media in the modern era, we are seeing an influx of social media influencers and artists from all over the world. As a cafe owner, you should bear in mind that supporting local artists can help you obtain more customers and free publicity. This helps in the creation of a positive atmosphere in your establishment as well as an experience that they can’t have at home. This is the “WHY?”, the “Experience” they should look for when they think of food.

You can approach this tactic in a variety of ways, but here is one that works well.

Photographers, for example, can provide your business with free publicity when they post on social media. More people will visit your business if you make your interior work more photo-friendly or dedicate an area of your cafe as a photo place with a stylistic interior. This approach to interior work can serve as a free promotional strategy.

Here are a few arts that work best with your interiors & that your customers will love.

  • Photography
  • Typography
  • Painting
  • Live Music
  • Poetry
  • Standup Comedy


So there you have it: Modern Cafe interior design ideas your customers will adore. As a reader, I know you were hoping for some easy-to-follow solutions, rules, or guidelines, but let me assure you that interior design is not a rigid science where some laws make everything up. Interior design is both an art and a science; obviously, some rules should not be broken, but making something appear nice involves a lot of experimentation and abstract ideas, this is what we call art.

To make your café stand out, I propose consulting an interior design firm that can assist you in finding a one-stop solution for all of your interior work. As a reminder, we at HSAA also do the same for our clients.

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