Our bathrooms are where we restore youthful vigor, so they should be designed gorgeously. Modern bathroom designs include unique bathtubs, chic dispensers and storage, and sleek vanity units; not all things can be clubbed together in one place.

So, to help you redesign your bathroom interior, we have developed 50 unique and luxurious modern bathroom design ideas.

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1. Modern Bathroom Design: Unique Tiles

Modern Bathroom Designs: Unique Tiles

Tiles are the most used go-to material for bathroom interior design. If you want to design things in an old way, we recommend designing your walls and floors with matching tiles, and you’ll have a beautiful modern bathroom space for yourself.

2. Bathroom Designs: Make Mirrors Your Best Friends

Bathroom Designs: Make Mirrors Your Best Friends

Create cozy vibes in your bathroom by adding a beautiful large mirror in a coal-themed bathroom with warm lighting and woohoo! Your modern and luxurious bathroom is ready.

Another thing is that bathroom spaces are always a big hit regarding mirror selfies. So make sure to accessorize it with some plants to make it more Instagrammable. 

3. Bathroom Designs: Choosing a Monochrome Palette

Bathroom Designs: Choosing a Monochrome Palette

All-white bathrooms look boring, so why not add a hint of a golden touch to make them luxurious and modern? Use inlay work in your bathroom flooring to add some pattern to your white modern bathroom Designs.

4. Opt for Artistry Elements

Opt for Artistry Elements

If you use a monochromatic look, insert a few artistry pieces to keep the space from looking clinical. 

5. Modern Bathroom Design: Be Marvelous

Modern Bathroom Designs: Be Marbellous

Marble is the most used and an excellent choice for modern bathroom design. The bathroom is covered with marble from top to bottom and paired with gold-toned minimal accessories, and a beautiful, dreamy bathroom is ready.

6. Modern Bathroom Design: Colorful

Modern Bathroom Designs: Colorful

Make your bathrooms colorful. They don’t need to be a colorless part of your house. Check out this beautiful, colorful bathroom designed By HSAA for inspiration.

7. Mix Different Materials

Mix Different Materials

Make your bathroom an eclectic combination of classical and modern. Add the wooden paneling to add a rustic charm to the modern bathroom.  

8. Bathroom Design Ideas: A Chic Bath

Bathroom Design Ideas: A Chic Bath

To design a bathroom for couples, choose this chic and elegant design. Combining dark and neutral colors makes a great choice for a chic bathroom. Adding the marble flooring and marble walls for the right amount of sophistication.

9. Keep an Eye Out for Rare Finds

Keep an Eye Out for Rare Finds

A unique mirror with a wooden vanity can amp up the look of your old and boring bathroom in a blink and help you design a modern bathroom design space at the lowest cost.

10. Bathroom Design Ideas: The Black Beauty

Bathroom Design Ideas: The Black Beauty

Want to achieve a modern bathroom design that always stays the same? Opt for black marble walls and floors and see the beauty of black in your bathroom space.

11. Modern Bathroom Designs: Metallic Charm

Modern Bathroom Designs: Metallic Charm

Looking for a luxurious master bathroom design? Then consider adding gold elements like a unique washbasin and the golden metallic accent wall.

12. Modern Bathroom Designs: Pastels

Modern Bathroom Designs: Pastels

Not all of us want it vibrant. Some people like their bathroom to be minimal and eye-catching. Most of us have already tried pastels for our living rooms and bedrooms. Then why not use these colors in the bathroom, too? It is a great pick for a modern bathroom.

13. Bring Outdoors in Your Bathroom

Bring Outdoors in Your Bathroom

Plants are always a great accessory when it comes to interior design, whether it is the living room, bedroom, or bathroom. Feel more refreshed every time you step out of your bathroom.

14. Include Vintage Patterns

Include Vintage Patterns

Add a vintage touch with floral wallpapers, forest green walls, and gold detailing. This will add a lush hue to the bright white sanitary fixtures of a modern bathroom.

15. Try Designing with Concrete

Try Designing With Concrete

Concrete resembles luxury, too. Use soft textured accessories and uncommon sanitaryware to balance out the industrial look.

16. Bathroom Ideas: Mirror Parting

Bathroom Ideas: Mirror Parting

Using mirror partitions not only makes the bathroom appear spacious but also makes it feel luxurious. So, mirror partitions are a good idea for small bathroom interior design.

17. Bathroom Ideas: Black Detailing

Bathroom Ideas: Black Detailing

Black is considered a classy color and is used for a classy look. A black frame dividing the shower area and black fittings and the toiletries also black give an edgy and classy look to a modern bathroom design. 

18. Incorporate Traditional Patterns

Incorporate Traditional Patterns

Traditional design patterns are making a comeback again, and we can see them adorning the walls of our living rooms and bedrooms. Try something out of the crowd and make your bathroom interior design unique.

19. Modern Bathroom Designs: Decorative Lighting

Modern Bathroom Designs: Decorative Lighting

Beautiful decorative lighting in a bathroom can contribute to a soothing atmosphere and offer a sculptural element. Modern bathroom spaces have become prime for showcasing decorative lighting, from pendant to Accent lighting.

20. Modern Bathroom Designs: Golden Accent

Modern Bathroom Designs: Golden Accent

Gold is such a beautiful color that goes with almost every color. Especially paired well with neutrals. Use golden for light fixtures and cabinet hardware.

21. It’s All About Details

Its All About Details

A large mirror reflects the light and makes the space seem larger than its actual size. 

22. Textured Tiles

Textured Tiles

Textured tiles are gaining popularity day by day. The shapes in textured tiles add decorative interest and dimension to the space for hand-crafted and highly detailed tiles. Textured tiles may also catch shadows or reflect lights.

23. Bold and Custom Elements

Bold and Custom Elements

In 2023, it’s all about a statement bathroom. Statement bathroom means a neutral color palette incorporating elements like custom millwork, wall coverings, stone, and beautiful accessories to make the space look elegant. 

24. Stay Golden

Stay Golden

Want to bring a little bit of maximalism to your modern bathroom? Take an idea from this beautiful peach-themed paradise bathroom designed by HSAA. Brass is used for detailing, and that brass chandelier gives a pure luxury feel to the bathroom.

25. Bathroom with an Outside View

Bathroom With an Outside View

Is there anything else more beautiful than a bathroom with an outside view? A bathroom with an organic landscape outside feels like heaven, making it the best choice for modern bathroom design.

26. Open Bathroom

Open Bathroom

The open bathroom is a sun-filled bathroom that has large windows, a glass parting to the shower, and a waterfall vanity. A separate bathtub in front of the window looks beautiful.

27. Serene and Simple

Serene and Simple

A large bathtub is centered in front of a large window with a beautiful Murano pendant on the ceiling, which looks minimalist and luxurious.

28. Add Artistry

Add Artistry

A beautiful art piece in a modern bathroom design looks colorful and humorous. Add a uniquely shaped stool, too, to add whimsy.

29. Workaround Rooflines

Workaround Rooflines

Don’t make your modern bathroom design boring; don’t let the quirky floor plan block your creativity for your dream bathroom setup. Different-sized mirrors with double vanity and a slanted roofline work.

30. Add a Skylight to Your Bathroom

Add a Skylight to Your Bathroom

A perfect choice for a small bathroom design is a skylight that floods the space with natural light and maintains privacy. We at HSAA designed this type of bathroom within your budget.

A Mirror Gallery Wall

This looks charming, and a collection of vintage mirrors is a great small-space solution. The mirrors reflect sunlight into every corner of the bathroom space.

32. Build in the Vanity

Build in the Vanity

A deep red color with fun graphic floor tiles and a modern pendant light add some personality to a modern bathroom.

33. Tuck Cabinets into the Wall

Tuck Cabinets Into the Wall

Customizing a solid enclosure hidden in the wall makes a bathroom appear spacious and modern.

34. Customize a Shower Bench

Customize a Shower Bench

Even if your bathroom is small and only has space for a shower, you can still make it feel and look luxurious. A neutral-colored tiles and glass enclosure make a modern statement. It is good if it has a bench or a floating bench to add value.

35. Use Unique Materials in Monochrome

Use Unique Materials in Monochrome

A round mirror, stone washbasin, and striped towels prove minimalism can have an edge. Choosing a neutral color palette for a monochrome look can create a unique and quirky space without overpowering the eye.

36. Bright-coloured Bathroom

Bright-coloured Bathroom

Choose a bright color for a simple, modern bathroom design. Make sure everything you put has a purpose. Choose a mirror with drawers and shelves if you don’t want it to be traditional. Vibrant colored cabinets give a colorful illusion to the bathroom.

37. Simple and Impactful

Simple and Impactful

Even the simplest spaces can look chic and elegant. Look how the wooden furniture is complimenting the walls to unite the space.

38. Concentrate on Flooring

Concentrate on Flooring

Graphic patterned tiles give a whole new look to a plain-colored wall bathroom design and serve as a focal point and color inspiration for a bathroom.

39. Pair Pastels with Concrete

Pair Pastels with Concrete

You can take inspiration from this bathroom space and give it a try. A pastel-colored washbasin with black detailing and concrete walls makes a great combination for modern bathroom design.

40. Induce Some Floral Warmth

Induce Some Floral Warmth

Doesn’t this bathroom look stunning? Everything comes secondary in a bathroom space with a bunch of flowers. So, if your budget is low, add some flowers to your bathroom space and see them, making the space feel like magic.

41. Redefine Class

Redefine Class

An all-wood bathroom set up with backlit cabinetry to keep all the accessories and towels properly organized all the time to nail the look.

42. Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves

Incorporate open shelves into your bathroom. It’s a great way to add storage and give your space a hospitality feel. Use organic elements, like natural wood or stone, to incorporate the current trends into your space.

43. Colorful Cabinetry

Colorful Cabinetry

Unexpected colors can do excellence to the modern bathroom. A Burnt orange or yellow colored cabinet adds warmth to the bathroom.

44. Spacious Modern Bathroom

Spacious Modern Bathroom

This type of spacious bathroom has luxury interiors. A round gold finish mirror looks fancy, and textured tiles are used for flooring and countertops that complement the wooden cabinet. This beautiful bathroom design redefines class.

45. Contemporary Bathroom Design with Luxury Interiors

Contemporary Bathroom Design With Luxury Interiors

A contemporary modern bathroom with rich interiors is easy to maintain and conveniently designed. The beautiful large mirror with patterned tiles makes a statement amidst the monotonous look.

46. Wooden Tiles

Wooden Tiles

A small bathroom interior design with wooden floor tiling, brown-textured wall tiles, and a wall-mounted drawer vanity unit with a granite countertop for a small space.

47. Modern Bathroom

Modern Bathroom

In a small bathroom space, do not make it too clumpy by adding too many accessories. Keep necessary accessories and store the rest of them in the vanity. Keep a faux fur rug to warm it down.

48. Pick Your Accessories

Pick Your Accessories

In a small bathroom space, do not make it too clumpy by adding too many accessories. Keep necessary accessories and store the rest of them in the vanity. Keep a faux fur rug to warm it down.

49. Forest Theme

Forest Theme

Plant a small garden inside your bathroom if you are attached to nature.

50. Terrace Bathroom

Terrace Bathroom

Create a terrace bathroom to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors in your bathroom.

Why Bathroom Interior Design is Important?

We all want to improve our living spaces by styling things and incorporating designs expressing our personalities. When it comes to home improvements, investing in a modern bathroom design is one of the best ways to maximize the potential of your quality of life.

A bathroom is one of the most important rooms in our house without any second thought. However, we all take it lightly. It doesn’t matter whether your bathroom space is large or small; it can greatly improve your family’s life and your home’s overall design and market price. Your morning and night routine starts and finishes in the bathroom. From brushing your teeth to showering, using the toilet, and washing your hands, your day starts and ends like this.

It’s the space where you feel peaceful and relaxed, so it is important to design your bathroom. Designing a modern bathroom interior involves choosing fixtures, tiles, colors, and lighting to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space. Consider the overall style you want, whether it’s modern, traditional, or something else, and ensure the layout optimizes the space utilization. Don’t forget to prioritize proper ventilation and storage solutions for a well-rounded design.

Modern bathroom design has witnessed a remarkable transformation over the years. Gone are the days when bathrooms were considered solely utilitarian spaces. Today, bathrooms are envisioned as personal sanctuaries that seamlessly blend functionality, aesthetics, and technology. Modern bathroom interior design embraces clean lines, innovative materials, and a minimalist approach, creating spaces that exude comfort and style.


Modern bathroom interior design is a combination of functionality and innovation. By embracing minimalism, incorporating innovative materials, and integrating smart technology, designers can create spaces that cater to the needs and desires of the contemporary homeowner.

The result is a harmonious blend of form and function, where modern bathrooms become a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation. Visit us at HSAA: Luxury Interior Design Studio in Delhi for a consultation.

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