Interior design is a form of art that can transform your home and allow you to express yourself. There are so many interior design styles available to choose from, depending on the size of your space and preferences. 

Home decor styles are defined by unique characteristics that are functional, comfortable, and stylish, blending various elements and textures. 

Choosing the right look that suits your needs while building a house or renovating a room will take your space to the next level. Look at the most popular interior design styles to find the perfect look for your home.

Types of Interior Design Styles

1. Minimalist Interior Design Style

Minimalist Interior Design Style

Minimalist interior design is focused on simplicity. A minimalist space often has an open floor plan, functional furniture, natural light, and a neutral color palette.

Some furnishings are chosen based on their texture, color, and shape. In this type of interior design, primarily clean lines and simple pieces are used, which can bring hints of Mid-century modern and Scandinavian design styles.

A minimalist home interior design emphasizes what you don’t have as much as you do. If you want to adopt the minimalist design style, you’ll need to eliminate everything unnecessary in your space.

2. Urban Modern Interior Design Style

Urban Modern Interior Design Style

When we hear the word modern design, clean lines and elements like steel beams and windows come to our minds.

When you hear the word urban, you might think of steel girders and glass skyscrapers. At the same time, urban modern adds some comforting elements to soften the harshness of a more industrial interior design style.

3. Bohemian Interior Design Style

Bohemian Interior Design Style

Bohemian embraces a comfortable mix of vintage furnishings with glamorous crystals and beaded fabrications. 

One of the best things about boho décor is that there are no rules! You don’t have to stick to any color palette or texture limitations! 

When it comes to bohemian, more is often better, so if you like lots of prints, many textures, and just about anything under the sun, a boho-themed house is perfect for you.

Don’t be afraid to throw everything on your walls and enjoy the haphazard yet attractive look.

4. Scandinavian Interior Design Style

Scandinavian Interior Design Style

They can be easily categorized as modern or minimalist home interior design. It contains certain elements that set the style apart and give it a sense of personality and warmth.

A modern design consists of metallic and glass elements that are heavy and gleaming. The Scandinavian style shares the affinity for clean and simple lines with the modern style but uses natural materials like leather, wood, and jute more often.

It is typically uncluttered and functional. It is advisable to bring in some decorative elements that aren’t strictly practical but still make you happy, such as plants and textiles. 

5. Mid-century Modern Interior Design Style

Mid-century Modern Interior Design Style

This interior design style gained popularity after the Second World War. It is one of the most used and creative Top interior design styles ever. 

The International and Bauhaus movements emerged from this style of interior design. The design is distinguished by its crisp lines, vibrant colors, and the incorporation of indoors and outdoors.

6. Contemporary Interior Design Style

Contemporary Interior Design Style

Many people consider contemporary design identical to modern design because they are synonymous. But in reality, there is a difference between modern and contemporary interior design styles.

The contemporary design style constantly evolves, as it means “of the moment. While some techniques are only popular for a limited time frame, contemporary has always existed and continues to grow.

7. Traditional Top Interior Design Style

Traditional Top Interior Design Style

Traditional home interior design is perfect for those who like to honor looks from the past while living in the modern era. This type of design is also very comfortable and livable. 

Rooms designed in traditional style feel warm and inviting. There is no reason why antiques and modern furniture cannot coexist in the same space. 

Traditional decor can be considered the opposite of minimalism in some ways. There may be a lot of extra details in a traditional room.

8. Rustic Interior Design Style

Rustic interior design style has become immensely popular in recent years; however, it has been around for a long time. 

For example, Rustic furniture is made from natural materials, like wood, that have been aged to create a rugged, organic appearance. A rustic design tends to use sturdy furniture that can withstand normal wear and tear.

9. Art Déco Interior Design

Art Déco Interior Design

This style features bold yet elegant glamour and elegance with furnishings.

Essentially, it’s an exploration of geometry, symmetry, and lines. This type of interior design has angular patterns, firm curves, layered structures, lacquered wood, glossy paint, and mirrors. In addition, brass and chrome fixtures add a touch of elegance.

You will love this throwback and eclectic style if you prefer a glamorous yet sleek style.

10. Hollywood Regency Interior Design

Hollywood Regency Interior Design

It is one of the most timeless designs ever and exceptionally fun at the same time. It balances out the art deco profiles with high-polished glamour. 

This style brings back the glamour of Hollywood’s golden age. It combines French furnishings, vibrant color, and metallic gold and brass finishes. 

It also features a rich carpet, glamorous mirrors, chandeliers, and many shiny surfaces. 

11. Japanese Top Interior Design

Japanese Top Interior Design Style

This style brings a kind of traditional minimalism to interior design. In Japanese homes, there is an abundance of natural materials and ikebanas (flower arrangements). 

As well as that, they have well-structured spaces that are furnished with minimal and simple pieces. It includes a color palette of milky cream and light beige. 

This style creates a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere by incorporating different lights. 

The modern ceiling lights under Shoji, covered with paper, create a diffused effect. Japanese-style home decor uses bamboo tables and tatami lamps, which follow the Zen philosophy.

12. Mediterranean Interior Design Style

Mediterranean Interior Design Style

This interior design takes inspiration from the Mediterranean and southern European countries like Greece, Spain, and Portugal. It keeps everything minimal, which gives the space a unique and stylish character, and is perfect for indoor and outdoor living. 

Mediterranean interior design is mainly known for its fresh appearance, cozy vibe, and natural materials like terracotta, wood, stone, and cotton. It uses war tones in its color scheme. 

13. Retro Interior Design Style

Retro Interior Design Style

It is a mix of old styles with modern materials and finishes. It shows a mixture of contrasting colors and shapes. 

This style combines bright, neutral colors with oversized furnishings like footstools, bean bags, and hanging pod chairs. A retro home interior design is also a blast from the past and is perfect for those passionate about uniquely decorating their homes. 

14. Modern Farmhouse Interior Design Style

Modern Farmhouse Interior Design Style

It blends rustic elements and combines them with contemporary modern features. People are not one-dimensional, so the blending of two interior design themes tends to fit people better. 

A traditional décor with soothing, nostalgic feelings makes this style so popular. It feels uncluttered with a balanced mix of contemporary and antique décor. 

20th century Interior Design: The 20th century marks a significant turning point in the history of interior design. 

It combines historical styles with revitalization. Geometric and elongated motifs, stylized flowers, and subtle tones of black and white with splashes of contrasting colors like silver and gold are the main characteristics of this style.

15. Maximalist Interior Design Style

Maximalist Interior Design Style

Maximalist means more fabrics, accessories, and colors. Maximalist décor can be enhanced by layering patterns having vibrant colors. Geometric and elongated motifs, stylized flowers, and subtle tones of black and white with splashes of contrasting colors like silver and gold are the main characteristics of this style. This style is a combination of classic architecture, furniture, and interior design, which is suitable for modern life.

16. Victorian Interior Design Style

Victorian Interior Design Style

It features lavish décor and Victorian-era elements. It is a mix of historical styles, decorative ironwork, and old-fashioned decoration. 

Victorian-style interior rooms have furnishings, patterned or floral wallpaper, sentimental pictures and embroideries framed on the walls, and rich colors. 

Marble furnishings and carved wooden pieces with a fireplace mantle complete the look. Using old architecture is the easiest way to add Victorian character to your home. 

17. Southwestern Interior Design Style

Southwestern Interior Design Style

This interior design style is inspired by Spanish textiles, ironwork, beige palettes, and nature. It uses bold prints and patterns, creating a subtle rustic and cozy look.

There is a heavy use of leather, suede, and other textures in the design. Rust, terracotta, and cactus-green are the predominant colors enhanced by bulky furnishings. By blending organic materials with pastel colors, it creates a rustic charm. 

18. Coastal Interior Design Style

Coastal Interior Design Style

The Coastal Interior design style is inspired by organic oceanic materials and creates a fresh, relaxed, and exciting environment. Coastal Interior aims to create a sun-kissed ambiance by using natural light. White and blue is the perfect contrast for achieving this style. 

19. Eclectic Interior Design Style

Eclectic Interior Design Style

It is a blend of multiple design elements into a single space, which involves a mix of décor, bright color patterns, bold textures, and antique details. The color palette differs from natural to bright colors. This style is all about harmony and bringing together disparate styles and textures, juxtaposing textures and contrasting colors to create a room that is cohesive, beautifully realized, and would not look out of place in a home décor magazine, as this is one of the most challenging design styles to master.

20. Bauhaus Interior Design Style

Bauhaus Interior Design Style

This interior design style comes from the German art school, which left an indelible mark on art and design. It is rational, ample, and functional. This style emphasizes clean lines and reduces forms to their essential elements without ornamentation.

21. Shabby Chic Interior Design Style

Shabby Chic Interior Design Style

This interior design style originated in the 18th century and has turned into a vintage-loving kind today. It is widespread for individuals to pass down furniture from one generation to the next. And then each generation would put their unique creativity on it. This design has a very soft and feminine feel. In this style, the furniture is often painted or distressed.

22. Industrial Interior Design Style

Industrial Interior Design Style

Industrial interior design may be trendy, but it does have a history. Western European factories closed at the end of the Second Industrial Revolution, leaving many large buildings vacant. As the population grew, people began converting industrial areas into residential areas. 

 Industrial interior design loves exposed pipes and beams. Bricks and concrete are great ways to add character to a space. This unique interior design style won’t be described as “soft” or “intimate.” The use of texture mitigates its masculine tendencies. Additionally, oversized artwork and cozy textiles are ideal additions. The furniture is often raw or unfinished and paired with antiques.

23. French Country Home Interior Design Style

French Country Interior Design Style

French country interior design combines a few favorite elements with many other interior design styles. This design style has features of shabby chic, farmhouse, and traditional elements. The process begins with timeless antique furniture pieces. Modern prints are added to a Louis VI chair, for example. This blended feminine neutral design style is full of juxtapositions as well. A French country home interior design style typically uses natural materials like stone, wood, and wrought iron. A space with exposed beams, distressed finishes, and raw textures showcases the beauty of imperfections. There is also a soothing and inviting atmosphere created by using soft, muted colors such as beige, cream, sage green, and lavender.

24. Asian Zen Interior Design Style

Asian Zen Interior Design Style

Have you ever heard of feng shui? The last style we selected for house décor uses that philosophy. The roots of Asian Zen interior design can be found in contemporary design. They emphasize sleek lines, interesting shapes, and a relaxing atmosphere. For this reason, creating the ultimate zen space involves references to nature. It is common for Asian interiors to be asymmetrical and to use circles more often than squares. Curtain walls and door panels are commonly used to separate a larger space and create a sense of privacy. To maintain a serene and calm atmosphere, the color palette is strictly drawn from nature.

25. Transitional Interior Design Style

Transitional Interior Design Style

Transitional interior design is a modern interpretation of classic design elements, combining traditional and contemporary elements. Due to its aesthetic balance between masculine and feminine elements, this is one of the most popular interior design styles among millennials. The balance between form and function is challenging to achieve when modifying classic elements. It is essential to ensure that modern design ideas are used to make the classic look exciting but not to overdo it and create a more modern/traditional home than transitional.

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