Are you going to design your home? It’s essential to know how much you should pay for interior design. When it comes to interior design costs, you need to pay attention to everything you want in your home, such as materials, lights, colors, textures, and decor. All these aspects play a significant role in defining the personality of your dreams. In this blog, you will read the determination cost of the interior of your home, which includes 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats interior design with different project sizes.

A sophisticated home is simply designed with smart technology and patterns, but what if I say interior design can change the complete look of a simple 2 BHK home with smart innovation and excellence? Budget plays a major role in designing and creating a 2 BHK interior design home, which is based on the client’s taste and the material they want to invest in.

Factors Influencing 2 BHK Interior Designs:

Before designing any space, a few factors should be analyzed, which helps the designer learn more about it. Here, HSAA- the best interior designers in Delhi guide you in describing some of the factors that are preferable for designing a 2 BHK interior design and their costs.

  • Size – The first important factor is size; the larger the space, the higher the price of interior design. The interior designer will give you an estimated cost for designing 2-bedroom apartments. Example- If the size of the room is 700 sq ft, it does not cost much for interior design but on the other side, if the room is about 1200 sq ft, the project price will be costlier.
  • Property Evaluation- The evaluation of property is crucial in interior design. The designer suspects every tiny space in a 2 BHK household with each detail.
  • Materials—Every property owner wants to have the best quality materials in their home. Of course, the premium can be costly, but they provide long-lasting value and make the home more meaningful. 
  • Renovation- In some cases, you will need to renovate the home instead of designing a new house; for this, you will hire an interior designer. For example, if you need to upgrade the plumbing systems or mold the electrical projects in your 2 BHK household, then there will be an average cost of renovating. If you included the cost of both renovation and interior designing, you would have a higher budget.

Estimation Cost Of Interior Design

As an interior designer, every part of the space is first analyzed, and then the cost is estimated. However, it’s a long-lasting process involving each detail of design and creation in every possible aspect. The cost includes the labor cost, material cost, and much more which is highly mentioned in the interior design prospectus. Furthermore, there are different sizes of apartments; the minimum can be around 600 sqft, and the maximum can be up to 1000 sqft. But the interior design firm in Delhi says estimations can vary from a simple interior design to a high-class interior design, depending on which kind of materials they want to have in their household.

Let’s dive into the price value of interior design :

  • Cost of 2 BHK interior design:

The cost of a 2 BHK flat for interior design will be approximately in the range of 3.5 lakhs to 7 lakhs for simple yet basic quality, and a premium design household can cost between 7 lakhs to 10 lakh. It all depends on the size of the home, the type of decor, the kind of materials, and more. The price of the interior will rise based on the style and formation.

  • Cost of 3 BHK interior design:

The design cost of a 3 BHK flat interior design varies depending on the material, design, laminates, and finishes of the project. The price value can be between 7 lakh to 12 lakh for the primary quality, but if you are looking for premium and luxury quality, then it would cost up to 15 lakhs, including everything.

Furniture Cost: 2 BHK, 3 BHK flats interior design

No matter how great the interior design and decor are, they can’t replace the vibe of furniture. Furniture is the most important element for interior renovation and design, and it can be used in a wide range of spaces, such as the living room, drawing room, study room, lobby, and other working spaces.

Explore the premium-quality furniture at HSSA~ the interior design studio in Delhi, which will enhance your home’s beauty and elegance. Choosing the right furniture can provide the aesthetics and functionality that directly influence interior design. When choosing furniture with HSAA, you will not only get good designs but also a budget-friendly range that should be taken into consideration. Plus, our prices are so affordable that they can easily accommodate every household, whether it’s small, medium, or high. 

Modular kitchen cost for 2 BHK and 3 BHK interior design

The kitchen is the heart of the home, the place where we create the most priceless memories by cooking meals with our family and friends. The functional kitchen has taken the place of the basic kitchen. By this time, the demand for modular kitchens is increasing day by day in Indian households. At HSAA~ the kitchen renovation service in Delhi, offers you a cost-effective and stylish modular kitchen based on the 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats and apartments, including several elements such as woodwork, countertops, hob, sink, etc.

Modular kitchens not only make your kitchens elegant and beautiful but also provide maximum storage and transform boring display spaces into aesthetic spaces; however, every great thing comes with a price tag, and this puts a stop to dreaming of our dream kitchen interiors. So, at HSAA, the home interior design company, we brought you the complete breakdown of the cost of the modular kitchen interior in a nominal expected budget to build a superior dream kitchen in your home.

The factors influencing the cost of kitchen interiors

  • Size of the kitchen: The cost of the kitchen depends on its size. The larger the space, the more modules will be required, and vice versa.
  • Kitchen Layout: The layout depends on how you want your kitchen to be molded; for example, a kitchen with simple shutter units will cost less than a kitchen with smart technology, and other features like stylish corners for deep storage will have a high value.
  • Materials and finishes: The kitchen designed with materials like laminates is reasonably less expensive than acrylic or lacquered glass cabinets.
  • Extra Elements: The extra features and elements, including gadgets, accessories, and lighting, will add up the cost.

Living Bedroom aesthetics cost: 2BHK and 3BHK home interior design.

The living bedroom is considered an elegant corner of the house that captures different styles, textures, and color schemes. A living room is defined as unique and different from others by comparing it to other rooms in a home. Besides this, the living room is decorated with paintings, ornaments, accessories, and other items that set the mood of the house and reflect the personality of the room.

In addition, vintage and stylish living bedrooms have taken their place. Here at HSAA, you can explore the unique collections of living bedrooms according to your customized taste. Whether you are looking for minimalist, bohemian, contemporary, luxurious, or many more styles, you can easily pick from the trending designs that come in a budget-friendly range. We have a one-stop solution for all the bedroom interior design for 2 BHK and 3 BHK households.

The factors influencing the cost of Bedroom interiors:

As we talked about 2 BHK and 3 BHK, you need to calculate according to the cost of 2 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms.

  • Bed frames: Bed frames play a crucial role in furnishing the bedroom. The price of the bed frame depends on whether you opt for a king-size or a queen-size bed frame. However, contemporary metal bed frames match almost any home interior, giving a classy and elegant look. But if you are looking for bed frames with high storage facilities, you can choose wooden ones, which come in an economical range. Other than that, the cost can be varied depending on the size and material.
  • Nightstand: Install a nightstand near your bed and outlet that offers both functionality and aesthetics. This furniture piece enhances the overall look and provides comfort and convenience in the bedroom. The price range depends upon the materials and finishes.
  • Wardrobe: A wardrobe not only adds functional value to the bedroom but also provides an aesthetic vibe to the corner. The cost of the wardrobe and cupboards depends on the types of styles you choose, such as sliding, hinged, loft, corner, glass, and more. Explore the exclusive and premium collection of wardrobes at HSSA~interior design firm in Delhi at a reasonable price.
  • Mattress: Last but not least, the quality of the mattress is very important; the size, the brand, and the material are very effective in enhancing the living bedroom interior.


Even if you have a low budget, hiring a great interior designer is a must, and HSAA is always ready to help you and guide you through the full design and creation of your home. Our team has 35+ years of experience and lots of industry contacts to complete your home interior design work, including top-notch materials, laminates, and furnishings within your specified budget. Get in touch with us today! 

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