Are you looking for a suitable kitchen design layout? We are here for you, whether you are
renovating your kitchen or building a completely new one. HSAA, an interior design firm in
offers various kitchen styles. However, the two popular designs are classic and modern.
The modern kitchen gives the feel of up-to-date aesthetics and creation. On the other hand, a
classic kitchen is much more than a minimal design. If you are not sure whether to choose
modern or classic. We guide you by giving tips and features of kitchen design layout ideas

Classic vs Modern kitchen: Choosing the perfect kitchen design layout style

Classic Kitchen

The classic kitchen is a warm and elegant space designed to give a welcoming feel. It includes
natural materials like timber/wood, which can be combined through wooden flooring or
cupboards. When it comes to choosing the perfect classic, the kitchen cabinets must be unique
and fully functional. Also, the overhead storage maximizes space with great ceiling height

Alternatively, the classic kitchen design included prominent neutral colors. Some popular color
choices are white, cream, beige, and grey. Hence, these colors give the entire home a cozy
feeling and freshness. Despite this, the layout design was created to enhance the natural light in
the space. It’s perfect for a relaxed, open feel and to give an effortless vibe. The ultimate goal of
a classic kitchen is to create a space that holds the actual image of home.

Modern Kitchen

The modern kitchen is all about fine aesthetics, pendant lights, and innovative appliances. This
kitchen design layout makes cabinets minimalistic and has a handle-less option. Despite this,
modern design offers a sophisticated feel, with high-gloss containers and mirror splashbacks.
HSAA, the kitchen renovation service in Delhi, offers exclusive kitchen design layouts at an
affordable price.

The aesthetic behind the modern kitchen is clean and sleek. It features advanced storage
solutions, such as pull-out pantries and easy-to-use drawers. Although white is an evergreen
choice of color, many modern kitchens use bold splashes of colors like yellow, red, and blue

The kitchen layout design ideas to transform your kitchen into aesthetics

Galley Kitchen Layout—The Galley kitchen layout is a perfect choice for those with
compact spaces but can also work for larger spaces. With dual countertops, a space is
left between them, which helps create efficient work areas and maximize storage.
Alternatively, this layout helps in maximizing storage as cabinets and appliances easily fit
in drawers. This kitchen design layout is superior for prepping and cooking, with plenty of
bench space. Furthermore, you can easily provide guests with meals without feeling
restricted in the kitchen.

This kitchen design layout is fabulously organized and efficient. It keeps all your utensils,
tools, and ingredients nearby for easy access. One of the most incredible things about
the galley kitchen layout is that it has flexible options and fits any space. You can
customize your kitchen layout if you want to add seating or appliances.

U-shaped layout—A U-shaped kitchen layout is well known for its productivity and
smart design. This kitchen layout includes cabinets, appliances, ample benchtops, and
more. It creates a work triangle that is easy to move around the kitchen. The best part is
that it’s ideal for cooking and entertaining and has plenty of benchtop space.

With the formation of a U-shaped design kitchen, you can easily fit major appliances
such as a fridge, microwave, and dishwasher. Besides this, a sink in the center of the
U-shaped layout will be included for convenient dishwashing and food preparation.

This kitchen layout is a great option for joint or large families as it easily accommodates
multiple people.

L-shaped kitchen layout- The L-shaped kitchen layout is well known for its adjacent
walls, which form a shape of L-shaped. This kitchen design layout is versatile and can be
customized with sizes and styles. Above that, this shaped design maximizes space with
cabinetry, appliances, and bench space. Along with this, it has two walls, creating an
efficient work triangle for food preparation.

HSAA~ the interior design firm in Delhi, offers stunning open-layout kitchen designs
that allow easy flow between kitchen and living spaces. The L-shaped kitchen design
layout can be customized for any kitchen size and style. With various cabinets,
appliances, and finish options, it really works well.

Alternatively, the L-shaped kitchen layout is suitable for big or small kitchens but may
cause challenges with corner cabinets. However, smart storage solutions like pull-out
shelves and more can overcome these challenges.

Peninsula Kitchen Layout- The peninsula kitchen layout is similar to an L-shaped
kitchen but with an extra wall or section of cabinets. This design layout adds extra space
and storage for larger kitchens. Despite this, it serves as a partial wall, dividing the
kitchen and maintaining an open layout. It’s perfect for those who wish for a semi-private
cooking and entertaining space.

The peninsula is great for holding family and guests but needs more space than an
L-shaped kitchen. Additionally, it causes major issues if not planned well.

One-wall kitchen layout—The one-wall kitchen layout is a space-efficient model. It’s
ideal for small kitchens, studio apartments, and open-plan spaces. This kitchen design
layout is usually simple, minimalistic, and easy to clean. In addition to this, it offers less
space and efficiency. However, it can be improved with strategic appliance and storage

HSAA is a kitchen renovation service in Delhi. It offers kitchen design layouts in
various styles. These come at a premium price and can also work for larger spaces.

The Island Layout—The island kitchen design layout is commonly used in small
kitchens. It has a stove and sink on one side and room for seating on the other. The
layout provides more space for food prep, serving, and storage with drawers, shelves, or
cabinets. Additionally, the island in the kitchen often comes with sinks, cooktops, and
seating areas. This will also improve functionality and versatility of kitchen.

Lastly, it provided extra storage choices for better kitchen organization.

Open Kitchen Ideas to create the style

Create section—The open kitchen should connect to other rooms in your home. It
includes subtle design elements that can differentiate each area and give it its identity. A
rug divides spaces visually and beautifully. Also, a pendant light changes define zones.

Add Texture—Texture and accent colors are essential in your space. Bamboo shades
and wood give the space visual interest, and the natural texture adds warmth and
serenity. As you will work with less wall space in an open kitchen. The texture will be
layered on furniture and other display items.

Put on design elements—Even without walls, connecting design elements can unify
spaces. However, adding repeating design elements helps the room look spacious and
connected. Use repeated colors, textures, and decors at home for a subtle effect.

Terminate the walls of cabinets—Choose open shelving for a cozy, personalized look
without overcrowding. Mixing bottom cabinets with sleek iron shelves creates a modern,
industrial style in the kitchen. Alternatively, the kitchen design layout enhances the
overall kitchen with ambient lighting. Escaping the wall of cabinets maximizes storage
and efficiency.

Don’t skip the color—For the perfect kitchen design layout, add creative pops of color.
It is highlighted with vertical cabinets, wooden floors, and soothing lighting that makes
the kitchen glow.

Difference between classic and Modern kitchen design layout

Shape—Classic kitchen designs usually have a rounded layout, which adds warmth and
comfort. On the other hand, modern designs are blocky with sharp angles, which gives a cool
and aesthetic impression.

Kitchen Floor Plan—The classic kitchen plan features smaller, single-purpose rooms rather
than large ones. The modern floor kitchen features an open-concept area, including a
multi-functional room, to make the most of the space while keeping the basic look.
Material—Stones, bricks, wood, and more are used in the classic room design layout.
Innovative materials like concrete, plastic, iron, glass, and steel are widely used in modern

Colors and patterns—Classic kitchen designs prefer soft colors and tones with florals or cozy
designs. Elegant patterns and bold colors are preferred in modern kitchen designs, which give a
sleeker and simpler look.

Kitchen windows—In classic kitchen design layouts, Window shapes, and sizes tend to be
smaller and more symmetrical. Alternatively, Huge windows are used in modern, simpler, and
sleeker designs.

HSAA, an interior design firm in Delhi, offers classic and modern kitchen designs that
upgrade the home and bring elegance to space.


With our experience and passion, we can bring your vision of a traditional kitchen to life,
embracing the warmth and charm you desire. Our skilled team and designers help you create a
unique kitchen that suits your style and complements your home.

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