The first impression of any guest in a hotel is its hotel lobby, which can make or break the first impression. A majestic staircase, lovely furnishings, or a striking sculpture establish the tone for the rest of the visitor experience. That’s why we are here with the best hotel interior design ideas to help you find the right one. There is much more to the hotel interior and hotel room design than smooth lines or expensive furniture and accessories.

As a result, we have created this guide, which includes some professional interior design advice and examples of exceptional hotels worldwide that set the standard for the industry. Enjoy a good read to learn about the significance of hotel interior design and how even the most minor things can significantly impact your resort. Every hotel is unique, and showing these ideas doesn’t encourage imitation. But to share inspiration and spark ideas to help create a truly unique hotel lobby.

1. Beige and Golden Design

When we hear “luxury,” gold and beige are the first colors that hit our minds. These colors are commonly used to increase the appeal.

Gold is mainly used for hotel room design items like fixtures and accessories; beige is the primary wall color.

2. Choose a Lighter Color Palette

Beige and Golden Design

Brighter colors contribute to the feeling of space and airiness in the hotel interior design. Beige colors can be accessorized with various colored pillows and cushions, white or beige walls, or a combination of teak and gold for more hotel interior design ideas.

Gold accents and accessories create an atmosphere of a lavish lifestyle.

3. Woodwork


Most luxury hotels use a lot of woodwork because your room might become a presidential suite by installing wood or ceilings along the floor!

The primary and study rooms are perfect for your hotel room design.
One hotel option is old wood tables combined with some luxurious flooring. Recycled wood can be used for furniture and flooring.

Wooden furniture can provide an aesthetic look to your hotel room design.

4. Hotel Design Ideas with Natural Lighting

Natural Lighting

Light colors and large windows or glass doors make a space airy and oversized. Light colors are more reflective than darker colors, so most hotels use light colors for hotel interior design. Darker lights give an illusion of a smaller space.

Open curtains in the morning and use your hotel’s interior design to turn every day into a holiday! Natural light and light color schemes can give your space the appearance of being more prominent.

5. Adding Artistry in Hotel Decoration Ideas

Adding Artistry in Hotel Interior Design

Selecting the correct piece of art is a crucial step in any hotel room design. It shows as a reflection of the chosen design concept for it. A beautiful minimalist painting could be an excellent addition to a contemporary living room layout. While selecting the piece of art, keep in mind the size of your space.

If the artwork is too large, it may be very distracting, and if the painting is too small, it might get buried in the rest of the décor. A room can be stylish with some decorated art on the walls.

6. Small Hotel Interior Design & Decoration Ideas

Small Hotel Interior Design

Nowadays, hotel rooms no longer need to be spacious. It’s good if they are big, but there is no issue if they are not. One tip for small hotel interior design is to use multifunctional furniture.

If the bed is multifunctional, it can double a seating area and store clothing and suitcases underneath. The closet or a dresser in the room is no longer needed. Place mirrors in the hotel room design so that the light reflects and creates an illusion of more depth.

7. Luxury Hotel Interior Design

Luxury Hotel Interior Design

Luxury’ and ‘plush’ are two words that frequently go together. It applies to hotel rooms as well. Utilize furniture in hotel rooms in addition to simply couches and chairs if you’d like them to feel opulent.

Your guest may only touch some things but can see the textural differences. Adding Upholstered headboards is the easiest way to incorporate more plushness.

8. Simple Hotel Interior Design

Simple Hotel Interior Design

Choosing a minimalist hotel design is always a good idea. Make the bed the centerpiece of the room. The primary purpose of simple hotel interior design is to aid guests’ sleep while providing a soothing and attractive backdrop for their rest.

9. 5-Star Hotel Room Interior Design Ideas

5-Star Hotel Room Interior Design Ideas

Good lighting always comes to mind when considering the common thing in 5-star hotels. Lighting can make a huge difference when trying to set a particular atmosphere.

Utilise layers of direct and indirect light sources while designing the hotel room decor. Consider bedside table lamps, lighting around the vanity, and a suitable reading light near the desk or seating area.

10. Hotel Lobby Design Ideas

Hotel Lobby Design Ideas

It would be best to leave an unforgettable first impression in the lobby because it is the first visible point of contact visitors have with your hotel. Families, business travelers, socialites, etc., should all be considered when choosing a hotel lobby design to achieve the appropriate mood.

Ensuring your guests have access to extra chairs and tables is a brilliant idea in addition to the typical waiting area, check-in desk, and receptionist. It will transform the lobby into a valuable location for socializing. Make your lobby welcoming if you want it to be where visitors enjoy spending time—already beginning to develop your hotel’s personality there.

Why is Hotel Interior Design Important?

Hotel interior design is similar to branding activities for any business. It acts like a stage where the guests can enact their desires and learn more about themselves. It also gives guests a sense that they can escape to a reality created by their obsession and fantasies if the hotel successfully achieves its concept and intended feel.

Competition in the hospitality industry is increasing day by day. Poorly designed hotels with bad interiors and color schemes always needed to work on connecting with the audience. Your hotel interior design should always serve your business purpose. A well-designed hotel lets you showcase your property’s features and amenities and attracts influencers and planners to book events and promote your property. It also helps attract the ideal guest profile for your hotel.

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