Making a dedicated spot to work at home is an excellent way to boost productivity. Whether you have an entire room decorated from floor to ceiling or just a small space to work with your laptop, an office desk, a chair, and some essential office supplies, it doesn’t matter what kind of home office interior you have. You can make it look good with these stylish ideas.

Consider painting as a starting point. Some colors can completely change the look and feel of a home office decor. A trendy paint color can help you like mint green can add a personality to built-in cabinets. To add drama, paint the entire room a moody hue. 

You can even find peel-and-stick options like murals that will add a touch of luxury to your layout! You can then add elements such as sleek lighting, artwork, and easy indoor houseplants to make the room come alive. 

If you don’t work in an office, you may need a dedicated area for household correspondence and bills. Nowadays, kids also require an area to sit and concentrate on homework or to do computer work. 

Home Office Interior Design: 30 Best Ideas

1. Mint Green Cabinets in Home Office Design

Mint Green Cabinets in Home Office Design

Sometimes, unexpected colors can work wonders in a home office interior. A cool mint green shade that serves as the perfect match for the room’s crisp white walls and blonde wood flooring.

2. Use a Wallpaper in Home office Interior Design

Use a Wallpaper in Home office Interior Design

Unlike shared workspaces, home offices are a place where you can show off your personality, and bold wallpaper is a great way to do so. 

Try to use something other than wall-to-wall office wall decor ideas; instead, try it on a feature wall or on a room divider to separate a desk area from a storage area, as shown here. 

An abstract expressionism-inspired wallpaper frieze creates a giant room divider inspired by mid-century wallpaper. Big furniture, sculptural lighting, and deep neutral walls create a cozy sense of drama.

3. A Nook in a Living Room Corner

A Nook in a Living Room Corner

It can be challenging when you’re working from home to carve out a small nook to treat as your home’s small office interior design. Adding a partition in the living room is an easy way to create a home office in the corner. 

To keep a room airy and maximize the feeling of space, add a floating desk and shelves. Make sure that the desk and shelves are made in the same wood as the living room paneling to give a streamlined and spacious look.

A tall indoor plant also helps to screen off the area while also bringing a touch of greenery and softness to the room. 

4. Include Non-office Elements

Include Non-office Elements

The home office interior should reflect your interests. Incorporating art, objects, photos, and even music into your office helps you stay inspired throughout the day and keep connected to who you are.

5. Paint to Zone an Office Area

Paint to Zone an Office Area

When it comes to a home office, mostly the office is connected to a living space, and paint is a quick and easy way to zone the space. Dark colors can work well in small spaces like homes.

Small office interior design helps to create a cocooning atmosphere for better concentration.

Make sure to paint your whole room dark. A good way to add a dark shade to your home is by painting just a small section of the wall to create a zone within the room. 

An open-plan living space like this would be ideal for modern properties. You can use it as a home office corner, a reading nook, or a dining area. By painting just a small section of the room, you can be bold or dark with the color you choose.

Charcoal and dark brown can give a feeling of luxury and sophistication and work great in a small area.

6. Show Your Love for Travel

Show Your Love for Travel

While your office should be arranged to tackle your to-do list, you can also have fun there. Art that appeals to your taste is the best place to begin. 

When designing home office decor, they are often integrated into the living space, providing flexibility for both work and play. While working, we included a gallery wall featuring maps from places the client had travelled to so they could daydream.

7. Choose a Multifunctional Desk

Choose a Multifunctional Desk

Those who need a dedicated room for a home office think about multifunctional desk options. Only some have a separate room that they can convert. 

Keeping all the paperwork hidden can sometimes be as simple as a dining table with a storage basket nearby to keep all the paperwork hidden away. 

We designed the dining table with a desk organizer that sits comfortably on top for the storage of paper, pens, etc. It can be removed so the table can be used for evening meals as well. 

Multifunctional furniture is very common in current times, and there are many desks now that fold away to become consoles or dressing tables.

8. Black and White Scheme

Looking to create a luxurious and sophisticated home office decor? Combine it with a piece of black and white furniture with strong angles and streamlined shapes.

The dark built-in office storage gave this office a sense of confidence and strength while also being sophisticated and stately.

9. Window Treatments

Window Treatments

When it comes to decorating, window treatments can easily be overlooked, but they can make a big difference in the look and feel of your home office decor.

It is also possible to experiment with playful fabrics as well as control light levels and obscure glaring midday sun with a fabric blind.

10. Use Antiques

Use Antiques

Antiques can be a great way to bring character and unique style to an office interior. It is important to respect the architecture of the house when styling antique pieces. 

Some houses will be suited to lots of antiques, while others will benefit from a combination of vintage and modern pieces.

11. Incorporate Plants

Incorporate Plants

To stay focused and motivated, home offices must be calming, orderly, and inspiring. To recall the natural world while you’re clicking, use colors and textures that help you recall the natural world. 

Use green as a soothing wall color, and try to incorporate organic materials wherever possible. Decorate the space with art, objects, and artwork that you enjoy being around. 

Lastly, make sure there is enough light in the room. You had better have a great lamp if you can’t place your desk next to a big window.

12. Introduce Pattern

Introduce Pattern

Add a whimsical pattern to the home office interior without overpowering the room by using colors from the same tonal scale throughout. 

Rather than choosing a blank canvas on the walls, show your creativity by adding a patterned wallpaper. An uber-luxe and inspirational workspace is created by combining a variety of materials. 

13. Add Artistry to Your Home Office

Add pieces of vintage or mid-century office furniture and lighting for better results. Stay away from one era; a mix of interior design styles will look more natural and collated. 

For example, we can choose from a modular joinery piece from the 60s or 70s to create a statement and add contemporary pieces of art that inject color and interest. 

When adding art to a design, consider the kind of medium, scale, and style of art you would like. In this way, you’ll be able to identify the natural places for art to flourish.

There may be a window or vista through the house nearby. Don’t forget that art doesn’t always have to hang on the wall; it can sit on top of desks, beside sculptures, or on bookshelves and joinery.

14. A Focus Zone

A Focus Zone

Working from a home office can be just as stylish as from a spacious dedicated office interior. It is important to divide the space into zones. A beautiful neutral pale palette with nearby sleeping, relaxation, and work areas. 

It is very easy to access books and supplies. You can, however, choose closed storage if keeping your shelves tidy isn’t your forte.

15. Bring in Pops of Color

Bring in Pops of Color

White cabinets with countertops on each wall. And one wall is full of colorful patterns or vibrant floral wallpaper and colorful rugs and desk chairs.

16. Add Wallpaper to a Home Office Interior

Add Wallpaper to a Home Office Interior

The wallpaper pattern will ensure the study remains defiantly on the domestic side despite the accessories and equipment required to support working from home. 

A wallpapered joinery surrounding the desk will help divide the office interior from the rest of the space if it is located in an open-plan space. 

The lower or upper half of the wall can be paneled if you’re worried about a bold design overpowering a small room. Also, this is a great way to add interest to walls without breaking the bank. 

17. Carve Out Space

Carve Out Space

New-build properties lack architectural features such as chimney recesses and alcoves that add character and distinction. This type of design is not for every household, but some of our clients loved this office décor style.

18. Add Curtains

Add Curtains

Don’t be too conservative while choosing curtains for a home office, especially when the rest of the room is simple. A striking pattern will add the right amount of glitz to add energy and foster creativity without dominating. 

19. Add Instant Glamour Through Patterns

Add Instant Glamour Through Patterns

Busy workspaces do not look good with overly fussy schemes, but if you have effective storage and add patterns, it will create a more layered look that’ looks elegant. 

20. Serene Space with Neutrals

Serene Space with Neutrals

If you’re looking for home office décor ideas, then you’re hoping to work a little more comfort and decorative detail into the scheme. 

21. Create a Shelve for Display

Create a Shelve for Display

Finding a perfectly sized vintage antique bookcase for books can be challenging. Particularly if the available wall space is large and you want to make the most of it.

22. Clean and Bright

The bright and light home office interior is the perfect place to think and create. Take advantage of the natural light that streamed into the corner unit. 

23. Deep Green for a Calming Effect

Deep Green for a Calming Effect

If you love deep colors in your home office interior design, then go for a deep green shade. The impact of the shade can be increased with artwork and bold designs.

24. Artful Noticeboard

Artful Noticeboard

A board covered with sketches and photos makes a lively wall display. Create this design by covering a large cork pinboard. A wall of colorful or black-and-white photographs in simple frames makes a good backdrop in almost any scheme.

25. Take Over an Unused Space

Take Over an Unused Space

There’s no need for home office interior to be hidden away in boxes or squeezed into properties. A large living room with floor-to-ceiling glass faces west.

 Living is all about embracing and adapting to life as it evolves – using what you have in a way that makes sense rather than being stuck in some set idea of what should be.

26. Warm a Space with Chocolate Brown

Warm a Space with Chocolate Brown

With its Scandi-style white walls and floors, the warm color provides a grounding element for the room. To create a simple, elegant, modern home office fit for a design blogger, select a light oak desk with midcentury lines, an ergonomic white desk chair, and a black Mantis BS3 Table Lamp.

27. Make Room for Everyone

Make Room for Everyone

Those who work from home need modern home office decor ideas that fit their personal needs as well as provide sufficient space for meetings.

28. Play with Contrast

Play with Contrast

The light and bright foundation of a home office interior starts with the built-in bookshelf and creamy white walls. A dark wood desk, deep brown armchair, and black lantern-style pendant add contrast.

29. Hang Large-scale Art

Hang Large-scale Art

Add a piece of large-scale artwork that complements your rug and desk style to an all-white office.

30. Take It Back in Time

Take It Back in Time

There’s something antique about this light-filled home office, from the collection of old books to the Victorian-style chair to the brick floors.

How Can I Decorate My Home Office?

It is best to decorate a home office interior with a calming color – or one that you really like and have tried and tested elsewhere – and a layout/scheme that is not too busy – both will make the room feel like a place you can retreat to in order to be productive. 

The right lighting, as well as good storage, are essential. Your work zone should be located where there is plenty of natural light, although task lighting can always be incorporated. 

It is important to consider practical features like power and data sockets. Include a charger drawer with power built in for your mobile phone and tablet, and always include more sockets than you think you’ll need.

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