We all have heard the quote, “First impression is the last impression,” so it is essential to establish a good first impression. The double door design is popular because they have its unique charm.

The color and design of your main door significantly impact how others see your property, and it may contribute to its overall resale value. Many associate double doors with traditional styles, but it’s not entirely true because they also go well with modern décor.

They enhance the house’s beauty and ensure a warm welcome to the visitors. Depending upon your choice and exterior style, you can choose from various materials available in the market, like glass and aluminum, wood and steel.

Use cheerful and inviting paint colors to give them a more luxurious feel. In this article, we’re discussing some of the latest main double-door designs.

1. Traditional Double Door Design

Traditional Double Door Design

Traditional double-door designs are used worldwide. It is a testament to how a person can fit a protective and fashionable door at their main or back entrances. If you love to incorporate Indian culture into your home, then this traditional double door is for you.

2. Simple Door Design

Simple Double Door Design

If you love to keep things simple while installing a new dual-door design set-up, it’s best to go for a simple door design instead of a fancy design. Using this approach will help you keep the overall décor theme of your home in line and also help you save money.

3. Glass Door Design

Glass Double Door Design

One of the best ways to make the most of your investment is a double-door design that includes glass. It will give your main entrance a more luxurious look, and mirrors on double doors highlight sophistication. It can make your home’s exterior look stand out.

4. Accent Colored Door Design for the Main Door

Accent Colored Double Door Design for the Main Door

It is a myth that accent colors can only be used on walls. A double-door design painted in an accent color is a bold but acceptable move. It is undoubtedly a foolproof strategy to make your home’s exterior design stand out.

5. Simple Iron Door Design

Simple Iron Door Design

The iron double-door grill gate is an excellent choice to create a visually pleasing and sophisticated entry into your house. These iron doors come in various styles. They can customized with different finishes like powder coating or paint. They are low maintenance compared to other door designs and easy on the pockets.

6. Minimalist Door Design

Minimalist Double Door Design

7. Arched Wooden Door Design

Wood designs are unique and sophisticated. Arched wooden double-door designs are visually captivating and timeless, making them alluring. Wooden doors have a unique beauty that is difficult to imitate using substitute materials. The natural beauty of wood can complement various architectural styles. You must opt for routine care and proper maintenance to ensure increased durability of the arched wooden simple door design.

8. Stained Glass Double Door Design

Stained glass doors are always at the center of the attention of many cultures across the globe. It can make your entryway look inviting.

9. Aluminum Frame with Glass Panels

Aluminum Frame with Glass Panels

The perfect expression of futuristic minimalism can be found in metal and glass. Aluminum is very lightweight and combined with glass to create a captivating façade. One of the best advantages of this simple door design is that you can make the doorway seem more significant than it is.

10. Modern Minimalism

Minimalism is all about clean lines and smooth materials. Choose double doors with simple design and glass panels to create a modern look.

11. White Double Door Design

White Double Door Design

White double doors feel like gates to heaven and look attractive. It carries a fresh and clean aesthetic that looks so sophisticated. The latest main double door design with clean lines can enhance the overall beauty of your home’s exterior. White-colored doors are particularly beneficial for smaller spaces because they create an illusion of more space or openness.

12. Yellow Metal Double Door Design

Yellow is a bright and cheerful color. Yellow color evokes the feeling of happiness, warmth, and an optimistic foreboding rather than a darker one. It complements the surrounding bricks and stones well. It allows you to create a bold, cheerful entrance that exudes positivity.

13. Red Iron Double Door Design

Red Iron Double Door Design

Using a red-colored simple iron door design is the best way to create a striking look on the exterior entrance of the home. A red double door is best if your home is based on a Scandinavian theme.

14. Hand Carved Double Door Design

The attractiveness of the main entrance can be enhanced by using hand-carved motifs. Carving design doors reflect the historic culture of the location. This type of design will look beautiful in any wood color. However, it may cost a little more since such fine artistry comes at a hefty price.

Why should you install a Double Door Design for the Main entrance?

Having a double door at the main entrance has many advantages. Double entry doors allow more entry and exit space for movement. It is significant when moving large pieces of furniture.

They help to create a focal point and attract attention. They can fit as per the space requirement. They are available in various sizes, materials, and designs.


Double door designs make an exterior design visually appealing and pleasing to the eye. Your main entrance can be more than just a way in or out. They show a glimpse of what’s inside. From traditional to modern, these design ideas give you a lot of ways to make your entrance a beautiful focal point. Choose the one you like and add a touch of architectural beauty to your home.

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