Are you planning to design your room? Room layout is one of the major roles in the creation of design; it’s not only about looks but a lot more than that. The bedroom layout works a lot more than just a creation; it’s about designing something unique and comfortable from starting to scratch. HSAA~ the interior design firm in Delhi, always works on practical and authentic creation to provide you with the right layout that can be versatile, affordable, and convenient.

From figuring out the right placement to drawing a complete bedroom layout in advance, our experts offer one kind of solution: turning your boring bedroom layout into an aesthetic one!

In this blog, you will explore the best bedroom layout ideas that work for you and your lifestyle. Make the best use of space, whether it’s small or big. Here are the top tips to guide you in this journey of bedroom decor layout with our professional designer.

Concept to plan a bedroom layout

When you plan a bedroom layout, the function of the room is the major aspect. So, before you introduce new items like furniture, cabinets, dressing, and more, you have to get a clear idea of how to incorporate everything and how to plan the adjustment of your essentials. Whether you have smaller rooms or likely open large rooms, it’s very important to create different zones.

  • What’s the size? Begin with the size of your bedroom, as no layout is possible without getting the exact size. The ideal bedroom layout for a smaller bedroom can have a full or queen-sized bed along the wall, embellished with bedside tables. In a smaller bedroom, you can go with smaller nightstands with hanging pieces, which make it seem larger and give you more space for your books and personal items. On the other hand, a large bedroom size will have larger nightstands along with one wall to create the look of a sleeping area and plan a seating space near a window or cosy corner. The shape and structure of the room matter the most; you can easily create a layout.
  • How to use the layout: Before beginning with the layout, it’s important to know how you can utilize your bedroom. The key is to design a top-notch layout, and with HSSA, the interior design firm in Delhi, you get the best services for bedroom layout from start to finish. The best use of the layout method is to draw it out to visualize what your new bedroom layout looks like! Start measuring your bedroom layouts, including room and furniture pieces like benches, desks, chairs, dressers, and nightstands.

To use in the best possible way, sketch the complete bedroom layout to make sure everything looks perfect and fine. The basic idea of sketching will give you an estimation of the distance between your bed and other decor items.

Remember not to overstuff your bedroom with accessories. If sketching is not your preference. HSAA~ the interior design firm in Delhi, will help you create floor plans and 3D room layouts according to your needs.

  • Formation: Formation is very important, including the factors of spacing, scale, and symmetry; if you have too much space in the room, it won’t function properly, and alternatively, if the space is too little, then it will feel like a crowded place. So, it is time to do the correct formation when you have to consider the space rule.

* walkways usually in between 36-48’

* coffee tables and other items usually are within 1-5” of sofa seat height.

* The seat height of all assembled pieces should be similar ( within 1-2”)

* The depth of the chair needs to be plus 24” around a table for ease of getting in and out.

* The bench at the end of the bed should not be higher than the box.

* Nightstands are within 1-2” of bed height.

* The chairs set at the end of the bed are inside 4” of the height of the mattress.

* Coffee tables ought to be ½-⅔ the length of your sofa. No less than ½. Ever.

* The wall art must be hung above 4-6”.

  • Building design elements: The bedroom layout should include windows, an integrated bathroom, a door, and a closet. Other than that, don’t forget to add ceiling elements like beams and vaulted ceilings to make your room look functional. The most important thing is to clean out before you start moving with your furniture and other decor pieces, such as indoor plants, lamps, rugs, and more. Moving furniture is less complicated after your shelves and cabinets are empty.
  • How does the view look? Visualizing the complete view of the bedroom is similarly important as the layout; however, it is possible through a 3D functional layout. Our advanced 3D room layout allows you to provide the perfect space online with our professional interior designer. With a 3D room operation, you can visualize each design in detail and easily make changes to ensure everything fits together smoothly and perfectly.  It also allows you to see virtually and avoid mistakes.
  • How to set out the furniture: The good rule for setting up furniture in a bedroom is to keep it simple and uncomplicated, which means no unnecessary furniture items. Make a proper list of what you need in furniture, such as cabinets, dressers, mattresses, vanity, etc. Whether the room is large or small, the best way is to zone it out, start creating the bedroom design in terms of zones, and then furnish it according to your needs and requirements. HSAA’s home experts and professional interior designers will assist you in organizing the furniture.

How Bedroom Layout Meets Innovation

A good bedroom layout is not just created and designed in an instant but requires a lot of patience, creativity, and a nice layout plan. It’s crucial to consider all the features of design when creating the room. It not only considers the living room but also the height of the ceiling, including light, colors, and patterns that enhance serenity and calmness.

HSAA guides you in brightening up your living room. Our designs have unique magic that brings imagination to life from floor to ceiling. 

Here are some tips for designing a good bedroom layout that tells a story:

  • Add a sofa or chair: To make your room look stylish and graceful, add sophisticated furniture items like a chair and sofa; this will not only make the room aesthetic but give you a comfortable place to sit and relax. 
  • The multi-tasking nightstand: A nightstand is nothing but an extra surface for holding a lamp, books, medications, and other essentials. It comes in different designs, patterns, styles, and colors, so you can pick one that complements your room decor. Enhance your nightstand with the pretty vase, decorative indoor plant, lidded baskets with your favorite books and items, or a cordless to make your room more enhancing.
  • Make use of an ottoman: An ottoman is a piece of furniture that stores blankets and pillows. It can also prevent you from filling the bedroom with unnecessary items, freeing up space and making the room more meaningful.
  • Get organized with TV space: Enhance your room’s appearance with a great, comfortable, and space-saving TV. A TV in the room makes it more convenient to relax and lay out after a long, hectic day. Whether you want to catch up on news highlights, your favorite series, or a movie night, Having a TV in a room brings enjoyment and entertainment.
  • Magnify space with a full-length mirror: To make the space look more attractive, hang a full-length mirror that gives the room a fuller look. At the same time, it also adds a decorative touch and even has psychological benefits.


Question 1- How should the bedroom layout be?

Answer- The bedroom layout can be very tricky but not complicated with HSAA~ the interior design firm in Delhi. Your space should be perfectly balanced with a bed as the focal point alongside sufficient storage and walkways to move around comfortably.

Question 2- Why bedroom layout is important?

Answer – The bedroom layout is an important factor to consider when designing a room. You must examine not only the floor layout but also the ceilings, windows, and much more to enhance the room’s beauty.

Question 3- why do we need a layout?

Answer—A good and effective layout not only looks attractive but also helps the customer understand the design’s message. Understanding layout is the solution when it comes to creating user-friendly designs, particularly in the field of web design and other advertising.


Designing a good layout plan is a journey that goes beyond aesthetics; however, a well-planned layout reflects the personality of a room and promotes a superior lifestyle. HSAA~ the interior design firm in Delhi, offers you helpful tips and tricks for bedroom layout plans from our interior designing experts. Our team will not only walk through the process of formatting designs but also come up with designs that get the best comfort, incredible furniture, and ambient lighting. For more information, visit our website or contact us at the given numbers.

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