The new way to design your home also encourages you to add some special touch to your Bathroom. It is a place for relaxing, where you love to be yourself, removing all the sorts of odds from life. Frankly, small bathrooms are tough to design, whereas, the large ones require a lot more money to decorate or design it. The bathrooms at Hotel are attractive, classy and very much relaxing at the same time.

Do you know why hotel bathrooms are attractive?
It is because the design and décor are decided based on keeping the bathroom spacious and simple. Sophistication comes with simplicity, which cannot be denied.
Many of us may not think to design the bathroom in a special way, but trust the fact; it is one of the most important rooms of the house. Remodeling your old bathroom using new techniques and hotel-like design will make it look fantastic. Today, this blog will guide you through the detailed things to look for while planning a bathroom interior design.

#TIP 1

Remove those items that jut out
The protruding items in any room create an unnecessary heaviness in the interior. Try to avoid having such stick out from the wall décor pieces from the bathroom to narrow down the interior design. Like for example, you can forgo a towel bar instead, mount one on the back of the door. Place the toilet paper holders and magazine racks using the built-in concept in the wall. Try to avoid added shelves.

#TIP 2

Simply go Monochromatic
Choosing the right set of contrasting colours is a matter of research and eye to choose the best. Monochromatic has a lovely touch to it. If you wish to play with colours, then using two solid bright colours inside the bathroom can make it look fantastic. Often creating openness with the light colours is appreciated. The tall ceilings look attractive.
Majority of the hotel is more into the monochrome colour interior. If you wish to keep the flavor of the hotel bathroom feel; try those colours that attract you when you visited a hotel bathroom.

#TIP 3

Get creative with the impressive storage ideas
The necessary ingredients like towels, toilet papers, daily supplies: cleaners, face wash, body wash. Makeup items and many similar things all require a space which is organized. If you opt for storage below the basin, you can keep a lot of things in the corner. With the smart inclusion of storage items, you can make the bathroom look clean and simple.

#TIP 4

Create an illusion of high ceilings using the right lights
Lights are extremely important to grace the interior and highlight what should be highlighted. Having bright lights yet illuminating ones will create an attractive look altogether. You can try a trick of using lights in a way, which will visually enhance the small bathroom and make it look spacious.
Try fixing light up in the ceiling with the wall sconces or cove type lighting, helps to narrow down the large look of the bathroom. The higher the ceiling, the more expansive space it will create. For a narrow type of room one wall with light will give in more illusion and open space feel inside the bathroom.


Install mirror inside the bathroom
A large mirror inside the bathroom will make the bathroom extremely amazing. The mirror reflects light and creates a bright aura. Based on the space you have inside your bathroom fix a mirror as large as possible in height and depth to accommodate inside. You can use this as a cabinet and fix-on one-side of the wall to place all the necessary items.
To conclude, creating the feel and sophistication at the same time is what we all look forward to. Many designers will come up with a suggestion that lighter colour shades, paint colours, or white or grey for small bathrooms. Use your idea and base it on these tips. You will surely get a complete frame of hotel-inspired bathrooms at your abode.