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It’s no secret that the Bohemian Interior design trend is hot and never goes out of style. You can just look at designs on Instagram or browse through coffee table books. 

Bohemian interior design is a free-spirited design that gives a relaxed aesthetic through various styles. Bohemian clothing style consists of natural fabrics, retro patterns, and neutral colors. It does not just refer to fashion. Like the label bohemian, it also refers to lifestyle: Lifestyles liberated from social boundaries and an alternative to traditional dressing.

When discussing its history, due to the lack of patronage, many artists suffered from poverty. The bohemians were part of the counterculture of the French Revolution. Our blog, however, offers a comprehensive look at Bohemian designs and their ideas.

Let us read on further.

What is Bohemian Interior Design?


bohemian interior design

Bohemian Interior design can be achieved using a fuzzy rug, wicker furniture, and overstuffed pillows. Starting with this style would be ideal, but you should remember that it is not recommended for beginners.

The Boho look can be recreated in your home simply by understanding where it came from. Bohémien is the name used to describe people who live in Bohemia, a region of the Czech Republic.

So, let’s have a look at some ideas you should have.

1. Mix + layer your bohemian interiors heavily:


bohemian interior design

It is important to note that bohemian rooms are not afraid to mix finishes. While a minimalist room is afraid of mixing textiles, art, or accents, a bohemian room is not.

In Bohemia, styles are fused for a casual feel because of their playful nature. A contemporary living room included a modern couch with a pillow set, and an art piece made of a macrame hanging above the sofa will surely appeal to the place.

You can also add a rustic wooden table with mispaired chairs and some baskets across the wall with palm-printed wallpaper in the bedroom, and a Moroccan wedding blanket across the wall in the dining room. 

Every bohemian interior design home is unique in its way. What marks it as more of a bohemian interior design home is the way it is layered.

Bohemian style can be easily introduced into your living space by layering patterns. A great way to mix patterns in a room is by using textiles such as rugs, cushions, and throws in various shapes, sizes, and patterns. 

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2. Embrace pattern and color in Bohemian design:


best interior designer in delhi

Bold patterns and colors are willingly accepted in bohemian interior design style, but no rules apply. The emerald, ruby, and amethyst colors are perfect for creating a rich, bohemian space. The darker, deeper hues create an elegant canvas, while the brighter hues have a more daring quality.

Don’t you like saturated colors? No problem! You can also use patterns on white walls to convey the bohemian vibe. A riot of color and patterns is offered by global textiles such as Suzanis and Berber pieces from Uzbekistan and Morocco. 

These soft furnishings add color and pattern to a boho bedroom by incorporating accent pillows, throws, and wall hangings.

3. Prepare storytelling trinkets:


bohemian interior design

No design style tells more of a story than bohemian design. Reflecting a traveling lifestyle, boho rooms are filled with trinkets from faraway places that often tell a story about their origin.

Bring in family heirlooms, handcrafted items, and memories from your travels, and choose objects with a wide variety of colors and forms. You should take your time here. You don’t have to match the vintage brass plates you bought at the flea market. 

Fill every inch of your bohemian interior. Any room could benefit from a beaded bowl you brought back from Mexico. Everything does not need to match. It should not. Take advantage of this opportunity to display your life on a shelf.


4. Embrace handmade + natural:


bohemian interior design

Artists have always been at the heart of bohemian design, with handmade pieces that express individuality. Wall hangings, paintings, and sculptures could reflect this. It also boosts small businesses and local artisans, so it’s a win-win situation! 

You can find handmade boho pillows on Etsy, a great site for those who are aspiring artisans. Using natural elements and handmade products is part of a bohemian interior design style. Boho rooms are all about warmth and comfort, both of which come from wood whether in furniture or as accents. 

The bohemian design begins with woven hanging lamps over tables or a rustic wood headboard. Finally, there’s wicker. Featuring intricate weaves, wicker adds texture to a room. Using Wicker to create divider screens and side tables can add a touch of bohemian style to your living space.

5. Botanical-inspired interiors are bohemian chic:


bohemian interior design

Without a lot of plants, the bohemian design falls flat. Botany plays a crucial role. By bringing nature indoors, bohemian décor also improves air quality, making any space feel more lively. 

Likewise, greenery contributes to a bohemian interior’s sense of calm and connection to nature. In bohemian design, plants can be anything. Plants with various shapes and textures are very forgiving and add an artistic touch to a room.

Bottom Line!

We hope that you are prepared to begin your journey now that you have read our top bohemian interior design tips and ideas. Let us help you!

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