Your kitchen is a hub of activities and a significant part of your home. And being a vital section of your home, it sees cooking, feeding, sharing, bonding, socializing and a lot more. The vibes inside your kitchen should always be kind and positive, and Vaastu Shastra lay down specific guidelines for that.

As we know about Vaastu Shastra, “Indian science that balance energy of a certain place”. Vaastu advocates the construction, designing, placement, and several do’s and don’ts inside a kitchen so that it can generate the maximum of positive energy and benefit the family that resides. The Vaastu Shastra or say Vaastu science has various guidelines for your kitchen that balance out all the powers present around. You may suffer from health issues, illness, disputes at home or disagreements at work, all these when observed from Vaastu point of view can occur because of ill methods we follow back at our house.

To overcome such circumstances and create a Vaastu balanced environment, follow the guidelines mentioned below:

• Vastu says, “the element of fire governs the southeast direction of your house” hence southeast is the best spot to plan your kitchen. And if by chance it is not possible than the northwest direction is another viable alternative.
• Keeping the significance of fire in mind, the gas stove must be placed in the southeast direction of the kitchen. And while cooking, you should be facing the east direction.
• As we know that water and fire are two contrasting elements; hence the placement of sink should always be away from the gas stove. Only ensure they are not parallel, or such placement could generate a negative impact.
• Avoid placing your kitchen directly under or above washroom, spiritual room, or bedroom.
• Design your kitchen platform in “L” shape and use the shorter area for keeping kitchen electronics.
• Place you cooking and drinking water utensils at the Northeast or north direction.
• The most suitable colours for kitchen as per Vaastu are Orange, Yellow (lemon specifically), red and green.
• The utensil rack or storage should always be set-up in the southern or western walls of your kitchen. Keep your counters clutter-free from utensils every time.
• Refrigerators in the kitchen should always be placed in the South, North, West or Southeast directions and dining table in the West or Northwest direction.
• While you start cooking, give sacred offerings to fire from whatever the first dish you have prepared, especially from the breakfast and dinner meal.
• The main door of the kitchen should not get build in any of the corners. And the gas stove should never be in the front of the entrance door.
• There must be at least one or two windows in your kitchen and should be positioned in the east direction. It is beneficial for health when your kitchen lightens up from soft sun rays early in the morning.
• Food storage boxes or grain containers should always face the west or south direction to attract abundance.
• Avoid using black colour in the interiors of your kitchen, be it in the form of wall colours, flooring, cabinets or even the tiles.
• Avoid placing your “Mandir or Prayer house” in the kitchen. If that’s the only option left then ensure the area is closed well and you do not cook or bring any non-vegetarian food in the kitchen.
• Ensure the gas stove, especially burners, are cleaned every time you cook. Clogged burners affect the flow of money in the household.
• Water leakage in the kitchen sink is a symbol of money loss hence make sure your sink taps never leak.