The rapid growth of the usage of smart technology in our homes is quite a witness. Along with that, the innovation in this field has brought us closer to home automation. It has surpassed the use of simple touch, view, and command system so that one can observe and control their home even from being at any distance.

A few years ago, smart home technology was limited to a motion sensor security light. However, with the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic process automation (RPA), the smart home technologies have gotten bigger and better than one can ever imagine. Companies like Apple, Microsoft, Control4, Deutsche Telekom and others are investing Millions of dollars in bringing in the more advanced version of home automation in the market.

What can you prevail from home automation and smart technology?

Voice command control

Devices like Google home/ Mini, Amazon Echo (Alexa), and Apple Home have brought in the voice controller technology for a home to life. These devices work on the command of your voice and can perform several tasks, including turning on your TV, switching on/off machines, ordering groceries, and a lot more. These devices automate your day-to-day life while making your work quicker and smoother.

Smart security system

Security is the primary reason for people to bring automation and technology into their homes. The automation in-home security system goes with a variety from automated door lock technology to smart locks and security monitoring. Today, the Smart home security system is extended beyond camera surveillance. For keeping your family and home safe, there are a variety of products available:

  • Video doorbell.
  • Ultra-smart cameras
  • Face detectors
  • Smart locks (Voice controlled & bio-metric)
  • Motion sensors.
  • Enhanced night vision camera.

All these products are specifically designed for working on automation and Artificial intelligence. Even though when you are away from your home and do not want to make it evident to the nearest, you can pre-set a time for turning on the specified lights with your automated security system. Moreover, you can even control the functioning and can operate the music and sounds to make it evident for anyone that your house is working.

Good health and well-being  

What if a smart technology at your home monitor and guide you on your well-being? This might sound strange to many, but till the start of 2022, you might see a variety of advanced home automation option for the health and fitness field. These devices will let you monitor anything and everything from bone composition, fat, water requirement, diet, heart rate, sleeping pattern and implementation of healthy habits. These health and fitness-based smart devices will primarily work on AI (your physiological and physical health data) to take care of your health better than ever before.

Moreover, this will monitor early signs of disease on your family members and alert you timely to take necessary preventions. The smart wellness technology will mainly help you with elders and ones with medical history at home. It will monitor your health and trigger any uncertainties to alert you during immediate medical circumstances.

Automated/ Robotic home cleaning

Smart technology for home cleaning and maintenance has already bloomed in the market form a couple of years now. Products like ILIFE and RoboVac have introduced revolutionary ways to clean home, offices, malls, restaurants, hotels and whatnot. You can opt for such appliance depending on your necessities—a robot vacuum cleaner with essential cleaning function or an advanced one with voice control and camera navigation.

Lightning, heating, and cooling

The latest home lighting technology brings you complete control over lights in your home just than flicking. It can brighten, dim, and change the colour of light depending upon the day/night time, home atmosphere, your mood and requirement.

The latest device for smart heating & cooling of home brings in the Smart wi-fi thermostat. These can be controlled with your built-in wi-fi and accesses through any of your smart devices. Some of these devices are specifically designed to monitor and control the temperature of every room in your house remotely. It operates with some build-in sensors.

Home automation system and smart technology are in trend with an array of upcoming products that can completely blow your mind. They are valuable to money and can enhance your home like never before.