Tips to buy lightings for the hotel


Lighting in hotels is one crucial aspect when it comes to maintaining image, guest, and business. Easier said than done; a well-lit hotel will enhance all the interior and exterior designing work more rather than without adequate and correct lightings. Even a low budget hotel can look luxurious if right lightings are used. Getting right hotel lightings includes some key as well as fundamental aspects. Through this guide, we will learn some really helpful hotel lighting tips that will let you create a welcoming and comforting space for your guests. Hotel Lighting Guide: Area-by-area Now before we talk about suitable lightings for specific areas, it is vital to know the engineering fact behind planning lights. Lights, basically are used to expel darkness, guide people, and enhance the beauty of any space. Hence, it is essential to learn what a specific kind of light will affect in different areas and choose accordingly. Here, style isn’t the forefront of the plan, but the suitability of brightness is. Outdoor lighting for hotels Outdoor lightings work crucially well to keep the interests of guest once the evening hours start to hit. Be it garden, porch, pathway, poolside or any other outdoor space in your hotel the adequacy of brightness plays an important role.

  • Floodlighting can be an option for brightening a huge courtyard during night times; however, limit yourself from giving it a sports stadium feel.
  • Light fixtures for porch area if undersized will get lost when viewed from a distance. Hence follow a general rule here, outdoor light fixture for porch should be at least 1/3rd of the wall height and 1/4th of the door. Consider placing two wall lanterns adjoining the main door at both sides and a pendant/ ceiling lantern in the middle.
  • On the other hand, to keep the pathways guiding enough while giving them a stary effect during night hours, get your hand on small trail of lights edging the path.

Indoor lightings for hotels

  • Lightings in the foyer and entry path of hotels are what provides the first impression of radiance to the guests.
  • The Foyer area is the adaptation zone that changes the entire lighting effect from outdoor to indoor, and if not worked right, it can spoil your guest’s mood only while entering the hotel.
  • Once inside, the first thing your guests would be looking for is the reception area; hence it is vital to make it bright and standing out. Here you can use Fluorescent LED’s to add enough brightness.
  • The first space where guests adjust themselves after entering a hotel is the lobby area. Some beautiful chandeliers will catch enough eyes, whereas desk lights on the sitting area will fulfil the reading purpose.
  • The next area where guest most possibly moves towards is the corridor leading to the rooms. The key here is to keep the corridor bright and inviting so that it does not feel like entering a tunnel or underpass.
  • Bedroom “One room that serves multiple purposes”. The hotel bedroom lightings should be warm enough to relax. You can add adjustable lightings so that guests can customize the brightness as per preference.
  • Add bedside lightings that are only enough for reading purpose and are not exceptionally bright.
  • If there are dedicated dressing area or work desks in the room, make sure to add sufficient task lightings adjoining them.
  • Another essential tip- Do not complex the lighting system. Avoid too many switches and similarly, keep the operation simple and straightforward. Lights linked with key card system is also one smart idea to work with.

Keeping all the above tips in mind, you can shop lightings for the hotel accordingly.

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