Every space says a design story. A story that might start with any alphabet, but the end result is always refreshing, welcoming, appealing, and comforting. This season, before you start away preparing for your home design or decorating, check out our Alphabetic “A to Z” list and grab some useful ideas in a fun way.




Designing is purely a work of art, and no room is complete without adding some statement art pieces. This art proportion can be something unique from an exhibition or your creation from your collection.


The uniqueness of any interior space is in the components (furniture, etc.), especially bespoke (made particularly for the customer) and not picked up from the trend.


A clean and precise outcome with no traces of clutter, mess, and disarrangement.

D-DIY (Do it Yourself).

Decorating or designing your house with DIY is the most cost-effective, easy, and realistic way. DIY’s reflect your personality through your efforts and creations.


Designing is not about going with the trend and repeating the obvious. Designing is more about experimenting and trying new combinations, patterns, and playing around with concepts that are still not sufficiently touched.

F-Focal point.

The focal point is the star of a room where people enter and immediately lay their eyes on. The rest of the concept is built around that point. The focal point can be one or more depending upon the size of the space. A great designing effort can be the worst fail if space does not have a focal point.


There’s no space for a balcony garden or an actual garden in metropolitan cities; incorporating some indoor planters is one of the best, safest, and inexpensive options for your designing journey.

H-Hardwood floors.

Wooden flooring is what gives the interior spaces a warm, expensive, and unique look. However, they can be expensive and a little tedious to maintain.


Investment is what brings design into reality. The charisma of your space is dependent on your thoughtful investment in the components around. Investment does not necessarily need to be of more numbers but a valuable affair.


Discarding the junk out of your space is one of the first steps to bring in a fresh breath and start designing work.


Old, outdated, and rusty knobs can spoil the whole aura of your space. While re-designing the interiors, it is always advisable to replace the old and outdated knobs with some stylish options. The best part is, it is an inexpensive affair.


The right light is something that can make or break your look. Plan light for each room according to the purpose and requirement.


Mirrors reflect light, and thus for small spaces, they create depth and illusion.

N-Natural light.

Every homeowner needs to make sure that the rooms soak in as much natural light as possible. It is beneficial in terms of brightness and also keeps the “wall moisture” away.

O-Open space.

The most important designing tip is to keep some spaces white, open, and free. It will help in enhancing the setup you have created.


No materialistic efforts can bring in a new change as a fresh coat of paint can.


speaks and stands for years. Even though your home has fewer components just makes sure whatever it has, it must speak out quality.


have the ability to transform your unattractive looking floor and infuse some warmth in the environment.


For arranging the surroundings neatly, every home must have adequate storage.


There is a lot of space in our home that cannot go well with traditional furniture or decorative components. Hence for such compact or uneven spaces, it is always better to get the furniture tailored.


Interior designing and decoration must speak the volume of usages and not just appeal.


Vintage décor that is transferred from generations or old-used pieces (both décor and furniture) can make the look timeless.


If ever confused with the wall paint choices, go for white. White can go with all types of furniture, texture, fabric, curtains, and it never goes out of fashion.


Make sure of all what you do; never go extra of a particular aspect or component.


home should speak volumes about you. After all, it is you who would spend most of the time here.


to check if the result of this designing journey created a happy place for you or not.

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