Summer heat is unbearable. The scorching heat of the sultry summer days in this season is extremely challenging to keep the house clean and cool at the same time. Interior and architecture both play a huge role in resorting you for keeping your home fresh and airy. The colossal amount spent on the Air conditioner or cooler is a short time resort to find solace from the itchy heat waves of the blazing sun.
By making a plan on how to fight the summer with a smile and a refreshing eco-friendly way, you need to revamp on your home interior and associated stuff, making it worthy to live. The expertise interior decorator and planner at HSAA has many tips to share that will work for your interior, if you’re willing to uphold the summer courteously. There are couples of things which need to be functional to keep your havens cool in the scorching summer.

Get nature indoors

The best way to enhance your interior is by installing small and useful indoor plants. By tactfully placing the planters, vines and even long shrubs it will grace your interior, keeping the house fresh and cool. Planting the vines and the creepers alongside to the stairs or near the kitchen window will bring in freshness in summer days/ growing vertical gardens inside the home makes the temperature much cooler and satisfying.

Use smoothening bed linen

A smart makeover is a need for your bedroom, where you spend your ample time, while you’re planning for your summer-ready interior. It is advised to use soft cotton linen for the extra comfort and cosiness feel, while you lay on the bed. Cotton bed sheets have their charm, wearing cotton or using cotton materials window curtains makes the typical hotness much soothing. The need to change the bed sheet every week and washing the linen material is extremely flexible.

Shuffle your curtains

The biggest gorgeousness of any interior decoration is the types of curtains used based on the interior wall colours and furniture. Usually, commoners opt for the embellished curtains which mainly exude more warmth and luxury at the same time. You need to get over it. When summer calls for change, try out simple pastel shades summer curtains for your windows. Try out fabrics like Net, or Chiffon or cotton too. These look amazing and summer-friendly as well.

Choose subtle interior furniture

Furniture adds a dynamic charm to your interior. Choosing furniture based on the usefulness is the matter to discuss with an expert decorator. The built-in seating is an ingenious small piece which in turn can change a wall into a sitting space. The entryway arches bring to the mind the cave home, inspired by the Greece pattern interior. Avoid the bulky set of furnishings and further replace it with the soft light rugs for a soothing effect. Shades like light wooden texture, or modern art panelling or fiber art all make the interior look fantastic as well as season friendly.
Use of the soft coloured cotton lining cushions on the furniture, make the home look completely tranquil, making it a perfect space for the unwinding siesta.

Interior décor with a larger mirror

Decoration with mirrors is a fantastic way of making you’re interior look sophisticated and amazing. Mirror has its beauty and reflects out the nature in a dynamic way, using large-sized mirrors is not only amazing; in fact, it uniformly distributes the light in your room. This makes the room more spacious and open which creates a much soothing and positive effect.

Rooftop gardening is a cool option

Gardening is a great way to break through the monotony of lives, each day watering the plants, taking care of it, nurturing it, all together makes the day better. By filling up the assortment of plants on the rooftop will not only enhance the look of the house but maintains the temperature as a heat proofing insulator. The adequate number of plants on the rooftop or in balcony absorbs the heat and thus, allows cool air to enter the room.
For example, vines are a great way to exceptionally insulating the walls naturally. This is a widely accepted fact and followed by conscious people across the globe.
The thought of even going for camping in summer days is daunting. Set up a camp at the backyard of your house (if space is available) to enjoy some eco-friendly ambience and activities with your family.

Choose whitewashed walls

To get ready for welcoming summer, if you’re choosing whitewash paints, then it is one of the best things you can do to avoid excessive heat. White walls reverberate bright light, generate a pleasing atmosphere and ventilation effect is spread all across the room. Painting the ceiling and walls white will leave a fresh feeling. It generates a cool effect on summer days in your abode.
On the process of summer-friendly home making it eco-friendly is the best way to fight back to the unwanted and unbearable heat of overhead sun rays. There is also a beauty hidden in the summer season, which can be explored once you have taken care of the other required things indoor and outdoor. The eco-logical techniques are best for dwelling freshness, upholding the cool temperature to live pleasantly.