Why are we stressing out so much? Not enough sleep!!

To live in a place you can call home must be very comforting at the same time enjoying. And to spend most of the time of your sleep must also be very calm and composing. If you are looking for a change in the bedroom interior design, then this is the right page for you. 

The bedroom is a place where one relaxes, eases out their mind to solace. It is a room that provides relief. 

No hustling and bustling of life. 

So it should be styled to reflect your comfort, your consolation, and lastly your preferences. Rest to make everything functional for you, is the job of the Interior designer

Transitioning a room from an empty raw area to a luxurious one can look very simple but is it so?. Just by adding a new lamp or some lighting can change the whole corner. Or it can be a bit complex, may even look like an intricate accent wall. It may be a lot for someone who hasn’t designed a home before, no need to worry because that is exactly what we are here for. 

We will show you some of our great collections of your future bedroom design, with pictures and few important tips, you can co-relate your ideas and find your perfect idea. Make your bedroom interior design a peaceful sanctuary where you can close your eyes and de-stress.

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To make a bedroom, functional and useful the essential elements are its appropriate use of the space, how the bed should be kept, where to store the bedding, or where to place the closet if a study table is necessary? or just a lounge chair would do? which color is better suited to your taste? Hence, we have separated the designs as per the storage, color, and style.

Let’s start!!!

Spread Some Colors – 

Color has a big impact on a room. Only choosing a color is not everything, it should match with the interiors, furniture, etc. Colors depend on vast sastra as well and bring in positive energy. Hence choose wisely.

Whimsical Whites:

bedroom interior design


White is a color that looks good anywhere, a plain white or even a shade of white can be very easily maintained. An all-white bedroom interior design is very easy like a white bed, white furniture, white closet, white floors. It can look very clean, light, bright, and positive. Whites are always been used and it always looks very fresh, it has been timeless and used form generations. This is another color that can be contrasted with another existing color and looks just amazing. Another best thing about whites is its always favored by the Vastu. 

Be Beige:

bedroom interior design

Beige and light gold, metallic, or even browns along look very elegant. If you want to make your room look more like a hotel then you can try beige. This is more likely to make the room neat, clean, and very organized, just like the hotels. Beige is a good color to contrast and white linens or even dark furniture looks amazing all together. This might enhance a room and give it a luxurious appearance and as a bedroom interior design. If looking for more change, then go for some wallpapers and designed linens. a little cream might look even better. 

Blissful Blues:


bedroom interior design


Any shade of blue is calming to the eyes. It is one of the best colors for a bedroom. Also a Vastu-approved color. A lighter or pastel shade of blue can look nice. it can be contrasted with white, shades of white, brown, yellow, or even pink at times. Only depends on how you want your bedroom to be. It looks very vibrant in Indian rooms.

Pretty Pink:


bedroom interior design

Now you can find many all pink rooms or even complete pink homes for the pink fans. But shades of pink can look very luxurious even soothing. For a young girl, a pastel pink or light pink with a shade of white can look cute. Any girl would opt for this combination, whereas a dark pink or queen pink, magenta contrasted with dark or black look more classy and luxurious. Better go for a subtle and elegant effect for everyday living space like a bedroom interior design.  

Contrasting Colors:

bedroom interior design

If you are looking for a bedroom interior design, you can always opt for two colors, this might look even more fun. Just that the colors have to blend. It is up to you how many colors you can choose and not the interior designer. But to blend those colors is the designing team’s job. Try a fun, playful or elegant combination for your bedroom interior design. To keep the colors subtle, then go for colors of the same family. 

Keep Up With Good Storage:


bedroom interior design

Storage doesn’t always mean a complete storeroom, but to store a little cloths or linens needs space. Indian bedrooms are usually made with storage spaces and with a closet to make every bedroom function for the family members separately. As an interior designer, clients come with different queries but the common being is the storage problems. The below list might help you give your bedroom interior design some positive ideas in regards to storage spaces. 

How to separate storage spaces from living? What are the different storage spaces? How to incorporate them to make it look beautiful and functional? 

Vertical Storage:

A bedroom is already stuffed with a big bed and the extra space can be hard to use for storage, but put a closet with vertical storage can help restore the moving space in the room. Some storage spaces can make look the room more appealing. If the space was prior designed by an architect then it could merge with the wall and look very cut-edge. So before you design your new home, make sure you have spoken to your architect about the same.

Horizontal storage:

Use furniture that is helpful for multiple purposes.

Some open shelving gives good space for storing books and useful items. 

Hydraulic beds are new and helpful for storing more. This adds storage to a compact room. 

Vanity units are a relief, they double the storage units. And a great help for storing small important things.

Sliding door wardrobes are sleek and have a space-efficient look, wardrobes can be of different types, swing, sliding, walk-in, etc. 

Styling The Bedroom:

After color and storage, the most important part is the styling. No one can better style a bedroom other than an Interior Designer. Indian designs might be different in terms of the availability of the items require for styling but nothing is impossible for the designers. 

Not many design styles can fit in the Indian vibes but let’s see what we can unlock for you. We have separated the Bedroom Interior design ideas as per the region of India. Not necessarily designed as per the regions but can also be done as per your wish. You can change the interiors into a glasshouse or a wood house-like homes in north India being on the west coast of the country; or change it into a more traditional south Indian home-style being in eastern India. 

Looks for Traditional South Style:


bedroom interior design

Mostly seen in the south-Indian part of the country. The Chettinad design mostly speaks out traditional designs. A more homely vibe using dark-colored solid furniture or dark woodwork, preferably Burma teak wood. Paintings that mostly go with colors like yellow, green, or brown looks better with such styles. These traditional Indian styles never go out of date and are very timeless. Clean white painted walls with similar interior designs might look very homely. 

Look for Cold North Style:


bedroom interior design

If you like the Kashmiri texture or thick woolen rugs, then here you go. Bring the cold chili vibe into your home. If you are looking for a bedroom interior design that is unique and stylish altogether, this design idea might be the best option for you. This is a common look for a Kashmiri home where the walls are hand-painted in traditional arts. Combined altogether with Kashmiri carpet and thick velvet curtains. You can always open up the area with floor-to-ceiling french windows, which will give more view to the room. 

Minimalistic and Clean Style:

bedroom interior design

How to perfect an urban design in an Indian home?? These days more people ask for clean minimalistic than go overboard cluttering everything everywhere. It mostly means more empty areas and less used spaces. 

For such bedroom interior design ideas, the important is how open is the room. The floor-to-ceiling height has to be an integral part; choosing a single color to a subtle one; combine them with Indian fabrics and traditional printed linens to go with the design. 

Mid-century Modern:

Another possible bedroom Interior design idea to go with Indian textiles. But is better fitted with urban lifestyles. As the name suggests, these specific design idea is mainly a mixture of traditional and modern styles. A desi look with the furniture to run with modern walls and floors. A touch of industrial-style walls adds more stories to the design. 

bedroom interior design

Bedrooms can be styled with furniture, a tall headboard till ceiling can change the outlook of the room, mirrors on both sides of a bed can brighten up an area. If a bedroom is designed by a professional Interior designer then it will surely look out of the ordinary. If you want to design it yourself, a DIY is surely a challenge but an adventure, go with fewer materials, keep it clean and fill up the space with only the necessities. Write to us and tell us your design story. 

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