Simple Interior Design Ideas for Living Room

Interior design is in fact an important term to make our home more homely. It plays a key role in raising our spirits and optimizing the space of our home. It brings functionality to the home, helps to optimize the space, and uses it in the best possible way. An interior designer would make sure that our home has the right furniture, lighting, wallpapers, flooring, colors, and textures. As the best interior designer in Delhi, we are going to let you know the best Simple Interior Design Ideas for your Living Room.

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1. Contemporary transitional living/dining room

Simple interior design ideas

If you have a lifestyle where your friends hang out often, this would be the perfect choice to make the most of the space available. The living room would have a modern three-seater sofa that guests could sit on comfortably. The chairs near the sofa would have a comforting silhouette.

In contemporary interior design, the focal point of the dining area is the wooden furniture. You can manage your cutlery storage space with a few lockers. The contemporary theme of this style is well integrated with the help of decorative elements. The seating space would look more attractive with elegantly colored cushions.

2. Small eclectic dining room

Simple interior design ideas

Keeping the minimalist concept in mind, the eclectic Living Dining Room is the best way to make the most of the available space. The focal attraction of this interior design is TOV’s Flare Cream Sofa set. The solid structure of the sofa would provide supreme comfort and durability. On top of that, a vintage floor lamp would provide just the right amount of light to create the perfect atmosphere in the living room. To add a touch to the vintage look, you can stick an Oliveira wallpaper on the door.

3. Glam Living with dining room

Simple interior design ideas

If you’re a fan of metallic accents and warm tones, the Glam living-dining room is the perfect place to feel at home. The place is beautifully designed to include both glamorous metallic accents and warm neutral tones in the right amount. 

The sofa here is made versatile to allow enough secret storage space to keep the living space from looking cluttered. The Scandinavian-looking coffee table would make the interiors look so modern!

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4. Mid-century living room in neutral tone Dining room

Divided into two sections, the mid-century living-dining room is a modern concept based on a neutral tone to make your living room cozy living space. The main attraction of this style would be a modern silhouette with comfortable cushions. Woven by hand with experienced artists, the beautiful fabric is based on elegant geometry.

5. Industrial housing

For workaholics who want the office to look like home, this choice of the interior would be perfect. With large windows that provide good ventilation, the details of the room are made in a way that emphasizes the modern theme from the middle of the century. 

Crescent-shaped floor lamps would provide an elegant arch to the living space. It may also include some white chairs for extra seating/reading space. The dining table has an elegant look with its beautifully finished teak markings. The white metal chairs on the dining table give it an extra sophisticated look.

6. Not so retro

The black-white duo is never too old-fashioned. The items in this living room come with the right set of dining tables and chairs that are sturdy with a diamond pattern.

7. Rusty’s living room

The living space is designed to maximize the number of guests in your home. The center of the living room is furnished with a small table created for a small dining area. A bookcase placed behind the sofa allows you to showcase some whimsical items, arrange your books nicely, and give a trendy look to the sitting space.

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8. Stay on the coast

The focus of the living room is a fairly large sofa with two living beds. The chairs would have a seamless finish that gives them a modern shape. The white sofa and chairs give a relaxing look. 

This style of interior design is unique in that there are plants in the living space that provide greenery to the space. The curtains that accompany this design provide beautiful natural light to give the living room the much sought-after authentic look.

9. The touch of mustard

The mustard color is added to the black and white duo which divides the room into three beautiful sections and welcomes many guests at the same time. The center of the living space is equipped with a coffee table. A unique touch in this design comes with a mustard color in the furniture. Inspired by nature, the dining area is suited to provide excellent black and white contrast with a light mustard shade to complete the look.

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The type of interior we have speaks a lot about our lifestyle. Of course, we can choose whether to keep it simple and understated or make it modern and elegant, but there’s no denying that the interior design leaves an impression on visitors.

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