Just like humans, our homes too need a refreshing upgrade every now and then. A complete makeover can be expensive and also could get difficult within short spans. However, there’s no harm in bringing in some quick and simple changes and infuse a new fresh breath into your home design.

Also, as the new season has almost arrived, it is the perfect chance to turn your home into a warm, welcoming space. Here are some simple home design ideas that will spruce up your home in no time and make it even more cosy, presentable, and embracing.

Paint your walls with a fresh coat

New wall paint definitely lifts the brightness and freshness of any space. Now painting the whole house can be a tedious and expensive affair but a single fresh coat of your existing colour will bring a dazzling effect and would cost you minimal than your thoughts.

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Swap your accent pieces

Swapping your regular curtains, pillow, lampshades, light fixtures, or even doorknobs and handles can infuse an air of fresh breath into your home design. As winters are here, layer your flooring with a soft, snuggly rug or layer your sofa with a throw blanket. Add brightly coloured cushions, replace your regular curtains with some new ones. You can also swap your old light fixtures and lampshades with various budgeted options available on Amazon or Flipkart.

Create a Gallery wall

A Gallery wall can instantly add style and personality to any room. Creating a Gallery wall is not an expensive affair if you know how to mix and present artwork well. Artwork can be anything like drawing, children’s craft, souvenirs, personal mementoes, or your handcrafted paintings. You can also follow YouTube tutorials and mix some bold colour frames together with some basic picture print outs of your choice.

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Shop for accessories and decors from your local flea market

At your local flea market or antique stores, you can find some fantastic deals on beautiful décor pieces, knobs, lampshades, Pandora boxes, planters and more. Some of these pieces can be found as fresh as new. Meanwhile if you find some slightly old and faded pieces, coat them with paint or polish, and they are good to go.

Set up a breakfast corner near a window

Breakfast on a sunny morning is a perfect setup for this winter season. Place a breakfast table near a big east-facing window and get the most out of nature through your breakfast treats and evening tea. It will give your space polished western feel as well.

Add a Canopy into your bed

A canopy can alone transform your bedroom into a royal and vintage space. Canopy beds are statement furniture pieces but would cost equally more. Here you can attach canopy frame to your ceiling and remould your basic bed into a canopy bed.

Incorporate nature-inspired décor

Today nature-inspired décor is famously found across countries due to their eco-friendly usage. Also today when people have started being concerned about leaving fewer plastic footprints there are more eco-friendly décor options available. Keeping this in focus, you can find various art pieces made up of rattan, jute, seagrass, wood, bamboo at reasonable prices not only at e-commerce store but also at various local shops around.

Add floor seating

Aesthetic and comfortable floor seating can be arranged with an old cotton mattress and some new linings. You can add some pom-poms, tassels, or frills to bring some charm. Either put these anywhere in the mid of the room or place them with a wall and layer some cushions along.
Lastly, reorganize. What important is: getting rid of clutter, cleaning the long-pending mess, arranging your furniture, layering washed curtains, bedsheets and linens. Keep your space clean, bring in some plants, and you are good to go with a refreshing home vibe for the new season.

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