Decorating a kid’s room is special, as well as challenging. Welcoming a new guest in your life and family brings in a lot of joy and happiness. The foremost thing to consider while a new baby is born is a room. The nursery should be made lively with playful toys and colours maintaining hygiene.  Once the kid grows slowly, you as a parent need to revise your kid’s room. Now, this requires strong planning.

Space is a matter of importance. There should be enough space for your baby to play and breath fresh.  The décor needs to be durable, cheerful, stylish, and comfortable at the same time.  Of course, with time, the kid’s taste will change. It might take a lot of time for you to figure out what to choose and what to ignore. However, if you decide to consider each room’s ingredients in turn, then you’ll surely figure out some future-proofed ways.


Choose the colour of the bedroom wisely.


Before you jump into any bright colour for your kid’s room, you can consider few points to select the colour.

  • Matt emulsion has a sober finishing. It is easy to wipe off any dirt from it. The longevity of the wall is maintained. If you like the more resistant finishing of the colours from where the marks and scuffs can be wiped off then use paints which offer such features.
  • The interesting chalkboard paint is loved by all the kids. Try to use it on the notice board sized area or a whole wall.
  • Choose durable paints so that it will stay for at least 10 years till you kid grows up.
  • Choose colours like yellow, orange, sky blue or even bring pink for three walls, and leave one wall for wallpapers. This will create a lovely feel to it.

Give importance to the flooring of your kid’s room


Kid’s spend ample time on the floor. They paint, read, sit, crawl or even play on the floor. It is important to have a smooth flooring which is little brittle. The wooden floors have warmth appeal. Make sure that it is splinter-free. Having wall to wall carpeting is advised to avoid any accidents. Even if the kid falls, he/she will not be much hurt.

You can opt for commercial grade carpet or look carpet. This will help you to keep it clean regularly.  There are specified nurseries with rugs, and if your kid is of 2-3 years, you can use those as well.


Windows and doors need special attention.


A kid’s room is a joyful place. There is laughter, love, care and affection. Dressing the windows and doors, taking care of locks are essential.


Windows: When you are choosing a window curtain, try to select the curtain and blinds without any chord. In case the windows have any chord you can tie it up to make it out of reach to the child.  Open the window the upper case so that the fresh air can enter the room. Ensure that the furniture in the room is placed towards the wall, to avoid the kid climbing it up.


Doors:  Young kids do hurt themselves by putting their finger in between the slamming doors. Ensure that the door has a stopper to protect the kid from any similar accident.  The doors need to be fixed so that he/she cannot close it by mistake and lock themselves.

Tips to grab the best Kid’s Furniture


Choosing furniture is a matter of concern.

You need to grab something useful, modern and safe for your kids.

Remember to pick the desks, beds and chairs which has round edges to prevent the kids from bumping their head or hurting their toes.

Attach protector cushions on the four sides of the table to keep it safe.

You can choose wooden desk set, chair and even small cot to grace your kid’s room.

Fix the space in the room before you buy any bookshelf or a toy store cupboard.

Whatever kind of furniture you buy, It should be easy to clean and painted with non-toxic colours.


The most important thing is having fun! Childhood is special to make it as magical as you can make it. Enjoy decorating the space and make it unique for your little special one at home.