10 Most Popular Types of Interior Design Styles in 2022

A well-designed interior is a treat to the eyes of visitors and bliss to the dwellers. When you buy a new house, no matter how big or small it is, there are some important things that you need to decide to make it your perfect little space. Some of the factors that interior designers take into consideration are the tone of wall paint, the lights, and furniture, accessories, etc. A creative combination of these three factors would lead to a much smoothing experience.

Interior design styles that were in trend in 2022: 
Using spaces in different ways:


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Using furniture and arranging them in proper space is indeed an art. With the spaces getting smaller, the need to organize the space is getting bigger. Therefore, interior designers hustle to design the house in a way that there is a good amount of space that is free. 

Instead of traditional ways of having a separate dining room, study area, bedrooms, interior designers have found different ways to accommodate all the necessary things in limited space. For example, using fold-out tables and chairs. 



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In complete contrast to the minimalist concept, the maximalist interiors are upcoming with their unique choice of colors and alluring wall paints in the rooms. Be it the different styles of cushions or sofas to combining them with different sets of wallpapers and paintings, the maximalism style of interior decorations gives a wide variety to explore. 

Smart Technology:


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Interior design styles and technology go together. They have always influenced each other in significant ways. Starting from the designing of conference rooms to the television in the living area, smart technologies would affect it all. 

A somewhat similar concept is of the industrial interiors. Emphasizing a masculine overtone, these interiors bring out the beauty in recycled and worn-out material. The tone of color is kept mostly neutral and a bit on the glossy side. A choice of brown or steel would do much justice in bringing out the concept of an industrial look. 

Concrete Accents: 


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For the minimalism fans, a concrete accent does the perfect job. Some might describe concrete accent as an ‘office look’, you cannot deny that it does make the home look stylish and compact. The best of this style of designing is the availability of different textural infusions and a streamlined approach towards making the home minimalist yet complete. 

Monochrome palette: 


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Black and white are not always retro! Despite the advent of a different combination of wall colors and furniture, one cannot deny that a combination of black and white is always classy. The best part of this setup is that it is never outdated. 

A monochrome palette can be a choice of any one or two of your favorite shades, one just needs to ensure that colors do not overwhelm the get-up of the room. A very interesting illusion of colors can be created by using different shades of the same color on furniture pieces and walls. For instance, the sofa set would still stand out if it’s of a different texture. The more subtle the patterns and textures are, the more justice it will do to the colors. 

Not only this, by keeping the choice of colors limited, interior designers can even open themselves to more innovative use of colors in the home. This also encourages one to invest more time in planning the other details of the house. A monochromatic color scheme would encourage a harmonious transition while moving through different parts of the home. 



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An extremely modern interior design style, eclectic skillfully merges with the interiors varying elements of multiple designing styles into a single space. An informal combination of bright colors and exciting patterns portrays the cheerful personality of the dwellers. A modern rustic is a type of eclectic style that would mix the mid-century rustic and modern styles. Having an extremely clean and fresh vibe, the rustic style would make the home look very approachable. A Glam eclectic mix would include a mixture of all furniture styles, be it traditional, minimal pr modern. 

Bohemian style:


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A boho minimal style is a wonderful blend of casual and sophisticated, which makes a place look more serene. A very interesting part of this style is that the wall art is mostly abstract or geometric.  

Sustainable design: 


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Sustainability refers to a style of design that is eco-friendly and aesthetic to be looked at. With this type of designing one can bring nature to their home. The bamboo floors replace the wooden floors. Undoubtedly it is one of the latest interior designing trends. 

Rounded furniture: 


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In an attempt to make the furniture of the house more soothing and appealing, the pointed corners of the wooden furniture were replaced with rounder and curvy edges. A puffed-up sofa and comfortable chairs are many requirements for furniture and artwork.  

Minimalist style:


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A unique way of designing interiors, the Minimalist style was inspired by the Minimalist art movement that took place during the 1960s and 70s. Expressing the Japanese tradition with a touch of Zen philosophy these interiors bring out the concept of modernism n an almost puritanical palette.

As the name would suggest, when the interiors are stripped down to the basics, the room looks more spacious and authentic. The furniture and other decorative elements are kept minimum. Storage space is designed such that it can be concealed fashionably. Lights are kept mostly natural that adds to the authentic look. The colors are maintained in hushed tones.

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