Fresh, neat and crisp free.
These are the three things that simply hit you when you walk inside the hotel room and find your bed perfectly placed. The folded satin cover pillows and tucked in neat bed is loved by all. It is the most sleep inviting space to be described in a few words. Whether you’re in your staycation, or backyard or a journey of self-discovery, all you need is a neat and clean bed to relax and have a great sleep.

There is no denying the fact that a proper bed is the best way we get amazing sleep. To make sure the same hotel as a bed at home, some simple steps can be taken care of. To create a good high-quality bed, you need to follow certain steps:
• Matching Light-coloured linens as per the room interior
• 300 thread count sheets
• Down Comforter + Duvet
• 2-4 Pillows

Match your Lenin shade. The lighter, the better it will look.
Concentrate on the initial observation. The first thing we observed entering a hotel room is a ‘Neat’ bed. Clean and comfortable beds offer a much similar vibe. If you are planning to use the darker shade with a lighter one, you can surely match it up as per the interior. While choosing linen it is better to stick to light colours for a unified look. Too much of colours will fall apart and create a diluting tone which is not likely. Try out light earth colour tones.

Thread count is important

The nicely looking bed doesn’t only imply neat bedding; there is a huge importance of thread count to make the bed sense good to you. Match the thread counts with the high-quality hotel bed sheets. They generally opt for 300 thread count mark. These provide a high-end finishing, smooth touch, soft texture, breathable feel and most make you feel good.

How to make Bed like Hotel?

There are certain steps to follow to make the bed look amazing. You have to make your bed designed based on the specifications of the above state to get the feeling. Here’s a small guide to dive in deep to make the most attractive bed like a hotel.
• Put the sheets in the middle of the bed.
• Hand the sides of the bedsheets eventually from all the found edges.
• Put the sheet tight so that you can get the other one tucked in and then repeat the process.
• The hospital corners are a must for the hotel look.
• Shake up your duvet.
• Simply lay the duvet centrally, to tuck it along the bottom of the bed, and then shake it once more.
• Pull the duvet smoothly and finally give a finishing touch to it.

Learning about how to make a bed like a hotel room can successful implementation once you’re using the materials and following the step by step guidance. You also need to take care of the following things;
• Take proper care of the bedsheets. Remember: They take care of you.
• Wash it and cool it under 60 degrees of temperature, further dry it in air.
• Ironing the sheets is important to maintain the spark and keeping it crisp free.
• Try to go for the hybrid mattresses. It offers great support offering you an additional comfortable stay.

The bed is fluffy and comfortable. This will be the instant words uttered by you, once you start experiencing the beauty of staying in the luxurious hotel like a bed. Explore the mattresses, try to opt for the best thread count and methodic implementation; this will surely take your interior to a diverse level.