Hotel rooms can be amongst the most challenging briefs for interior designers. At HSSA, we have been designing hotel projects over two decades now and have been delivering what the client wants. While no two clients will ever demand the same theme, the key is understanding the space and how comfortable you can make its guests. We list down below some standard rules that come handy.

Know your client

Hotel rooms design and decor is one part of an interior designer’s job, the other crucial component is knowing what the client wants to achieve. Every client has his way of seeing the final product. They would have a scheme laid out already, colours and fabrics and textures or they would have just a reference, and you will need to draw inspiration from it and design the mood board.

The way you approach your design project will thus depend upon how detailed or how brief the client’s ideas are. Following what your client’s demand is will save you precious project delivery time. Your design board to the client should be concise and communicate the design idea effortlessly. Confusing the client with multiple ideas and schemes is a strict no.

If you are delivering the asks and adding your touch to it, you will be on the way to a successful project.

The basics remain unchanged

In hotel designs the basic layouts will be the same across. For instance, optimum utilization of space, well-lit rooms, bar counter, bathroom vanity area, etc., no matter the space you are designing these elements will always be incorporated in your designs. You can always ask your client for a checklist to make sure you do not miss out on any essential aspects.

If you wish to recommend any new ideas, that will be a delightful experience for your client. As travelling is evolving and the number of guests visiting hotels is increasing, their demands are changing too. You can add the touch of newness by thinking of a millennial-friendly feature in the room, for instance! It is the small details in your design ideas that will make a lasting impact.

Hotel designs are different from home designs

Hotels are a vast canvas for you to bring out your creativity. Here high functionality within limited space is the key. This is thus a very different design exercise when compared to homes. Homes have an overall theme that you can carry across different areas. However, with hotels, you need to think about multiple areas like the kitchen, restaurant, hotel rooms, lobby area etc. and all need to be tied up in a common theme.

The idea of designing a hotel is to give its guests a welcoming experience. These are people who have travelled long, maybe crossed continents and have arrived in your designed space. Your designs need to make them feel rejuvenated and give them a quality experience. Thus you need to get in the shoes yourself and think of how you would want to be treated in a hotel and design accordingly.

The service industry is all about creating memorable experiences for guests, and a crucial part of this is in the hands of architects and designers who shape up these places.