A beautiful home is on the wishlist of all. Homeowners now, are going out of their way to add their personal touch to space and bring out the wow factor. While you too might be one of them and looking to enhance the aesthetic and functional appeal of your house, we bring to you ways in which you can do this the right manner. Before you jump the guns to make your abode Insta worthy, below are a few tips that will help you keep your design timeless and forever fresh.

Mix old and new

The Internet is brimming with inspiration and design ideas that one can incorporate. However, keep in mind, trends are short-lived, and you might feel the need to continually keep changing your decor style if you want to follow trends. This isn’t always feasible. Hence blending new and old ideas can help you achieve classic looks that will never be out of style. For instance, you can add mirrors to make your room look spacious, the frame that you add to your mirror can reflect your decor theme: Victorian, minimal etc. The framing of your mirror can be easily replaced and won’t add a heavy price to your budget. Thus making such smart changes can lead to a wholly new and fresh-looking home.

Wood and metals

When you are thinking of long-term and sturdy decor ideas, solid wood and metals will go a long way in adding elegance and sturdiness. Opt for wooden panelling, metal finishes as much as possible. Wood will help add a rustic appeal while metal will balance it make your decor look chic. Using these two elements over plastic will undoubtedly lift the space’s mood. Wooden and metal together will add character to any space and not make them look like they are part of a particular styling scheme. This will make it easy for you to keep transitioning your design theme from time to time without making significant changes to the basic layout.


The backbone of good interiors is quality. Whether it’s the wall paint, soft furnishings or the furniture, supreme quality alone will make the final look effortless. Not just the visual appeal, you also bring longevity and durability in your home. The most significant benefit you add is not having constant fixes and spending additional budgets. As when you use quality products, you will see fewer chipping, breakage and early ware-outs. These items will cost you more but consider them as a long-term investment, and you will not be disappointed.

Have room for experimentation

Interior designing is an art that is always open to new ideas and scope for experimentation. Being rigid in your approach might not help get the best results. Think of your home decor as a project and keep some part of this project as a surprise element. Something you haven’t attempted before but aren’t afraid to try. You will be amazed to look at the outcomes.

Hire skilled designers

When you are shortlisting an interior designer, be sure to hire one who is equipped to handle your style. Every designer has his style and rules, and they need to blend with your ideas. Your friend might have hired a particular designer; however, not necessarily the same person will do best for you too. Try to understand their style and way of working, and if it convinces you, then you have found your match!