House Interior Design For Small Space

Trying to fit in a small house? 

Small spaces are difficult to fit. They are chaotic, clumped, and not comfortable for residents and guests. Trying to fit everything and make it look aesthetically pleasing is a big challenge. With a challenge comes a lot of options to make the objectives fun during the process. To clear the challenge brings lots of obstacles and clever solutions to deal with them. Hence, it becomes more rewarding to fulfill all the objectives in the end. 

Whether the space is for a studio, or a tiny 3 BHK apartment, the main aim is to make the tiny rooms feel more cozy and beautiful in the small house. By these, the small space design will make the areas not clustered but feel larger while maintaining style. 

Follow these small house interior design ideas as decoration details to make the small space feel homier— 

  1. Bring your personality to your design: House Interior Design Tip 1

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Express yourself in your house interior designs. Since the space is limited, less room cannot allow too much of your ideas. You can very easily pile on things and make living more complicated. Or you can always appoint an Interior Designer to ease your pain. For example, polaroid pictures can be tied together in wires and can be decorated in a plain wall without frames. This is an easy DIY project but it can also be professionally made with decorated lights. 

  1.   Incorporate mirrors, or reflective materials: House Interior Design Tip 2

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Opting for more and more glass or mirrors in a small space may lighten it up as well. White lacquered walls and glossy tiles can also lift the room with more space. The reason behind this is reflective materials will enhance maximizing the effect that a mirror will have as it will reflect backlight.  

  1.   Full-length doors and windows: House Interior Design Tip 3

House Interior Design

Normally full-length doors and windows look very bright and big even in small rooms. But it will give an aesthetic atmosphere as well as make the room look very vivid and big. 

  1.   Remove partition wall: House Interior Design Tip 4

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If a large area is divided into two, for eg., kitchen and dining, divided by a wall, then with a new layout the wall can be taken down with the help of an Interior Designer. The room will be more accommodating for guests and also have a modern plan for the kitchen and dining. Similarly, for any other room, if a partition wall seems an obstruction, then better to remove it. 

  1.   Shrink large furniture: House Interior Design Tip 5

paint colors ideas

Pieces of Furniture are a basic interior requirement in a household. But a small space with large furniture might look cramped and disorganized. Moreover, there will be no room to roam around and be very stuffy. So when spaces are limited and you do not want to shop for new, you can always customize new furniture based on the area available. Install wall folding tables, wall scones to save surface space. Being very resourceful at the time of need is one challenge in Home Interior design. 

  1.   Replace your king-size bed: (If the bedroom surface area is small then add)

bedroom interior design

A day bed instead of a king-size bed. Or else, if you do not have a designated guest room, add a foldable bed or a day-bed. It could be a better option in the living room which can be made to a bed when needed. 

  1.   Use limited types of Furniture

paint colors ideas


Features with double duty and multiple purpose furniture are for better functioning for small spaces. For example, a desk that can also work as a dining table,  sofa sets that can be a bed. 

  1.   Hide/ Mount your TV

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Better saving the space of a wall shelf, the console is to hide the TV, whether inside of a credenza or disguised as artworks. This trick in a house interior design is perfect for people to use the room however they want. A media console occupies a lot of space in a room, hence mounting the TV can also be a smart option to regain floor area. 

  1.   Closet a safe-yard  

Closet space is done in different ways. Kitchen closets can be made with a little laundry area. Similar ways an entrance can be made with a shoe closet as well a little dressing nook in house interior design. 

  1.   Bright lighting 

For lighting, take advantage of a professional. For making a room look bigger and brighter, lighting plays a big role. Opt for small ceiling lights, and do not go for hanging lights as they might look the room smaller. 

  1.   Architectural perks 

Every single inch in a small space be it a house or an apartment counts, so know how to deal with the space available. Take advantage of the little space. Invest and customize furniture, window nooks. Let go of a bulky couch, extra pillows. Opt for furniture that offers maximum functionality in a minimal area. 

  1.   Storage makes a lot of sense

Built-in, storage nooks, beds with storages, vertical storages, decorative crests, mostly the furniture that is tailored to your exact needs and can be as useful as they look aesthetic. 

  1.   Keep It Simple With Colors

Many do not understand the concept of colors. A small place looks very occupied with disoriented colors. Hence, choose a more calm, even-toned wall color. You can always add a cheerful color in the middle of a very pale color. For example, turquoise hue contrasting with pale bright white or off-white can make a good and happy place. It is one of the best house interior design ideas to start with.

  1.   Use Strategic Planning and Seating

If you are worried about spaces to sit for your guests, then we have home interior design ideas for that as well. Opt for extra seating that can fold up or can be as compact as to keep the available space open for easy to roam around. 

  1. Use Fewer but bigger Furnishings

Is it confusing you?? It might seem counterintuitive with our above points, but it can be done as well when you want to opt for lesser furnishings. Few large pieces of furniture rather than multiple mishmash ones can make it feel grander. All these details look elaborate in terms of small house interior design. 

All the outlines are very well put together by our Interior Designer. If you are interested to know more about it, then visit us now.

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  1. […] Using traditional patterns in your space, such as stripes, damasks, plaids, and floral, can give it a timeless look and feel. For many years, these designs have been widely utilized and favored, and they stand for a timeless, conventional style. Generally speaking, I advise utilizing traditional patterns for furniture items that you’ll probably keep for a long time and more contemporary patterns (like chevron or an animal print) for accent pillows and accessories. […]

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