Nothing is better than having a theatre-like movie experience along with homely comfort. Home theatres are no longer talk of substantial financial investment. There are a lot of availabilities in the market that makes home theatre setup an affordable interest today. With the latest yet affordable technologies, more people can enjoy the home theatre experience without leaving their homes.

Building your very own home theatre is an enthralling feeling, but the only question where a lot of people come and stuck at is “where should I begin”? So, for any such relatable thoughts, this quick guide is the answer.
A basic home theatre setup with all vital installations will cost somewhere near a few lakhs. This amount can differ according to the setup you are planning to create. For designing your home theatre, here’s what you need to know:

Choose a suitable room.

Where will you locate the setup? Your living room, a spare room, or the basement. Well, the basement is ideal location suiting various factors.
TIP: opt for a rectangular room so that you can place main speakers and a display screen on the wall with a shorter length. This will deliver the best sound projection; however, a square room will go right as well. An ideal space would be 20 feet long by 13 feet wide. No or lesser windows are better as they cause audio distortion and also may produce reflections on your viewing surface. Consider keeping the walls of the room as dark as you can. Avoid bright and glossy colours as they would reflect light.

Viewing technicality

The first character of home theatre is the big HD display screen. Though, for an immersive experience, there are some limitations to the screen size. Having the right combination for viewing angle and screen size is must for authentic experience. As per experts, an ideal viewing angle is between 30 to 40 degree. However, the perfect distance should be 1.5 to 2.5 times the width (diagonal) of your screen. Considering this, an exemplary display screen would be about 48 inches wide (diagonally).

Sound technicality

Similarly, like the HD display screen, the sound system is like a crown jewel of a home theatre setup. With several technologies and leading manufacturers in the ground, the sound technology has grown wonderfully advanced. Audio is equal to half fun of theatre experience, and hence it becomes essential to invest in some quality ones.
Most of the home theatres come with 5.1 surround sound feature that means five full-range speakers (2 front, 2 back, and one centre), a woofer and a low-range specialist. Ideally, the speaker placement should be 3 speakers + 1 woofer in the front and the remaining ones on the side walls at the backside. However, the placement may vary depending upon the uniqueness of the room. That is why you should try different positions to determine what arrangement suits best for you.

Coming to the central front speaker, that is the most influential of the whole sound unit as it projects sound directly from the screen. Adjust it idealizing the most suitable position so that the dialogues comes directly from the display and there’s no mismanagement between actors talking in the front and sound coming from sides.

Theatre like seating

For enjoying the theatre like sound and viewing experience, it is crucial to choose the right type of furnishing for your home theatre as well. For the authentic significant theatre-like feeling, you can install recliner chairs or even sofas. Theatre like recliners come with armrest and cup holders which will bring you real experience at home. Chairs must be placed in two or three rows (as per preference and space). Make sure the back row must have a pre-built platform for better viewing experience.