7 New Growing trends in Hotel Interior Design

The trend of Hotel Interior Designing has evolved a lot in the past few years. With the never-ending modernization and change of fashion, the hospitality industry is also witnessing changes in the designing language. Today interior designing for a hotel is focused more on smart technical inventions, art & craft, homely comfort, multi-functionality, and luxury.
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Hoteliers today are highly concerned about providing a more personalized experience to their guests through the interior designing work. With tough competition in the hospitality business, hotel owners today leave no chance untouched for spending more money and attention to upgrade the interiors.

Let’s have a look at some growing trends in Hotel Interior Designing.

Smart tech. guest rooms

Hotels today are meeting the high-end to match the smart technological expectations of their guests. By immerging functionality, luxury, and sustainability, hoteliers incorporate tech-savvy features like Led TV, AC, or other such devices controlled by smartphones on fingertips. Moreover, today’s hotel rooms have ”no switch’ smart control lights, high-speed internet, well-equipped workspaces, robotic room services/ bellhop carts, and much more. And the designing creativity complementing the technical ones are equally impressive.

Immersion of Local art and culture

Today, when people plan a trip to any new city or site, one of the prime things they wish to explore is the local art and culture of that place. Thus, hoteliers now incorporate more and more signs of local art and origin in their designing themes. Such creations attract more and more guests and give them a genuine experience as well.

Relaxing spa-like room and Bathroom features

Hotel rooms and Bathrooms have stopped being those limited usage spaces but have become more comfortable and luxurious than ever. Tourists and guests today except more than a home-like feel while they visit a 5-star hotel. That is why hoteliers are now incorporating spa-like amenities through interior design and decoration to win the guests. Hotel bathrooms have extra luxurious bathtubs, waterfall showers, enough beauty and skin products, high-quality towels and robes. Whereas bedrooms apart from bed today have trendy and comfortable sofas, separate workspace, and many other amenities.

Grand Restaurants and Bars Hotel Interior Design

Themed restaurants and bars are the “Style appeal” of many hotels today. The cooking, dining, and drinking space of any hotel is as equally important as any other space. Hence, today’s hoteliers combine several themes into their restaurant and bar spaces for turning it into a whole new ambiance.

Integrating interior and exteriors

The hotel interior designing is going through an evolving experience of integrating the interior with the exteriors. Bringing in some artificial waterfalls, Moss walls, wooden work, and serene natural view for giving birth to the connected indoor-outdoor feeling, hotels are in the process of accepting and implementing similar changes as well.

Multi-functional lobbies

Today, tourists and guests look for multi-functional spaces for quick work on their laptops, a short gathering, or an informal meeting. Thus, hoteliers focus more on turning their lobbies into a multi-functional and usable space for the guest. Features like multi-media stations, working space, lounge corner, and formal meeting spaces are focused on designing a journey to upgrade the space from just a waiting area or coffee space ambiance.

Minimizing patterns and maximizing colors & textures

Textures and soothing colors are preferred more than visual patterns today in hotel interior designing. Playing with the right colors according to the hotel theme and space can create a long-lasting and soothing experience in the guests’ minds.

So, these were a few of the growing and evolving trends in hotel interior designing. The wave of creativity in the hospitality industry is today at its peak with the immersion of technology and sustainability.

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