The safety of toddlers is one of the major concerns every parent daily goes through. The toddling age is one such time when your little one discovers various experiences of life. Whether indoor or outdoor, as a parent, you always are at a worrisome state about their safety and well-being. At outdoors, you might still keep your eyes on them every time, but at home, we often neglect to keep 24-hour monitoring, which is even not suitable for their growth.
Entering the age of 1.5, your little kid will grow out of the crib and start walking, jumping, turning, and rolling all their room. At times when you are busy with house chores or personal work, your toddler might hurt himself/herself unknowingly. Hence, their space must be safe enough to leave them alone for a while. For this, you need to go for some basic childproofing interior décor. Here are some necessary safety measures that will ensure your toddler’s protection and create an aesthetically appealing room for them.

1. Go for an anti-skid floor.

The floor is one such spot where kids spend maximum hours of the day. Playing, eating, or doing any other activity, the flooring of their room witness spilling, scratching, and all other wear-and-tear. So, it is essential to go for anti-skid & anti-allergic flooring so your child can play safe. Consider wooden flooring for the same and avoid marble and tile flooring at any chance. You can also layer a rubber mat over your old flooring to make it safe for your kid’s use.

2. Floor bed or bed with rail guards

Accidental falling from the bed is the most common suffering with growing kids. Hence, consider going for floor beds or low heightened beds with rail guards on your kids’ room to ensure safety while at their peaceful sleep. For floor bedding, opt for a medium-sized kids’ friendly mattress and place it anywhere from the furniture. Also, low heightened beds are comparatively a safer option than the regular bed. For making it fall-proof, place it against the wall and add a rail guard to the side facing the room. Only ensure the bed is not near to switchboards and windows.

3. Add corner guards or safety cushions to every open edge of the furniture in the room.

No doubt, your kid might have banged their head into some furniture edges inside the house even in your presence. No matter how safely the furniture is designed, its hardness would surely hurt them when banged softly. Hence consider covering every such open edge with either child safety cushion strips or corner guards.

4. Non-toxic wall finish

Paints have toxic components, and thus wall colour can impact harmfully on our child’s health. Several big brands contain VOCs. Expressly, the acrylic paints release fumes that are health hazarding. Thus, go for eco-responsible brands that deal in natural lime paints.

5. Incorporate soft carpet to prevent injury

Toddling age is when your kids start discovering new aspects of life, mainly walking, running, and falling. For keeping your kids safe while exploring in their room, the best option is placing a soft carpet or rug so that even accidental falls keep them uninjured. Go for cut pile, wool, acrylic, or polypropylene carpets.

6. Choose non-slip stabilize furniture.

Lightweight furniture might look appealing and save you a hefty amount, but using them in kids’ rooms can cause several accidents. Choose furniture that your toddlers cannot move or push conveniently while playing around. You can also opt for wall build furniture.

7. Electric socket covers

Make sure every electric socket in your kid’s room is secured with “Safety covers.” Also, look if the power cords are hidden securely behind furniture or placed into a power-strip cover.