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Blended decor ideas in interior design

For a house that hosts family members having different tastes and choices while decorating interiors, blended décor ideas would work wonders. Notwithstanding if more kids would like the walls to be all fun or elders want to have sophisticated furniture pieces, blended décor would help satisfy different tastes of all!

Some simple tips might come in handy while mixing the decors. For instance, the selection of furniture pieces should be such that similar shapes are employed, and the pieces are in a comparable form to complement each other. Again, the size of the furniture should be on a more or less similar scale and should be relatable to the size and space of the room. 

Another important aspect would be the choice of colors. Choosing colours that resonate with the décor style is important as it affects the overall design. Enlisted here are a few other factors that you might want to discuss with your interior designer before making a final choice!

Blended Decor Ideas

1. Blended Decor Ideas – Be comfortable in your own space! 

The idea is to make the house a homely and comfy space to live in. The idea of comfort is. However, different for everyone! You might prefer to have a soothing light coloured wall in your bedroom, but your partner might want to have bright energetic walls. Therefore, it is essential that people sharing the same space, take time to sit down together and note down their preferences. This is the primary step for crafting a blended decor that would satisfy everyone sharing the same space.

Designing according to lifestyle

As the pandemic hits, most working professionals have had to redefine their lifestyles to a significant extent. The earlier home was the space where one can come back from home and rest, eat, sleep and have a good family life. But working from home has brought a drastic change in how people visualize their home space. In families that have kids, many of them were seen to opt for an interior décor idea wherein the kids can play and have fun in their home space as they cannot step out. Many individuals opted for an industrial design interior. It gives them the office feel that people have been missing in the pandemic time.

What all do you want in your room?

For all members sharing the same space, they need to evaluate the choices of each person. Since people of all ages live together as a family, the designer needs to spend considerable time and effort in planning how to blend the differences so that the outcome is pleasing to all. 

For instance, when selecting different furniture pieces, people can have a variety of options to choose from. The designer needs to do is blend the commonalities and choose the overlapping colors, textures, and patterns in a way that appeals to everyone. 

Bohemian style: 

bohemian interior design

An upcoming style of blended décor, Boho style is an authentic transformation of the simple to extraordinary. A perfect example of blended décor is the Bohemian style mixes exotic and vintage furnishings. Choosing from a Bohemian color scheme is no easy task! With many vivid colors available, all so attractive and appealing one might choose to paint their walls the way they want. Besides, the accessories in the Bohemian style represent different ethnicities from all parts of the globe making it easy to blend. It includes old photo frames, curtains beaded with shiny glass pieces, decorative wall pieces, comfy cushions pendant lights, sparkling lampshades, etc. 

Read A Best Decorator’s Guide to Bohemian Style


Putting things together in an eclectic theme would complement the other elements and not look like random disarray of different pieces kept together is important. Especially, while choosing different furniture pieces, you must keep the patterns and color choices more or less the same so that an orderly arrangement is maintained. Another highlight of the eclectic design is that the art styles and the framings are also kept identical to create an overall cohesive look. 


A very interesting blend of décor themes is observed these days wherein the interior designers have mixed and matched the design ideas of different decades together. With its royal and creative design trends, the retro design indeed retains the 20th century feel that gives the dwellers the peace and warmth of a house. Despite a merge of three different centuries, a constant vibe is created throughout the living space with this interior design. 

One can opt for vinyl chairs, carpets heavily designed, and fabrics influenced by the historic look. The color schemes observed here mostly include avocado green, pink, brown, and aqua that can be correlated to the retro theme. 

Embracing the transition!

Another upcoming style of blended décor is a mix of contemporary and traditional décor. While the traditional style would include elegant furnishings and add an old-school vibe, the contemporary detailing would help it keep classic. The major highlights of a transitional décor would be accessories inspired by nature, wooden pieces of the framework, gender-neutral patterns, and monochromatic wall colors. 


While mixing decors of different types it is of utmost importance that the outcome can be perceived in advance. It becomes necessary to achieve a balance within the room. The interior designer does the much difficult task of creating a visual equilibrium in their mind and conveying a fair idea of the same to their customers. When a diverse set of objects are used in the same space, we need to evaluate the weightage we need to give to each of them and where should it be placed in the room. 

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