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7 Best Low Budget Small Restaurant Design Ideas – 

Gel up your restaurant interior design ideas under a decent budget.

A good design can highlight restaurants on social media. The best way to get noticed.

Clean up the old place and provide a new facelift under a low-budget small restaurant design to enhance the space and attract diners. Not a new concept but a hidden one. 

Update the place as per its requirement, as per the modernity, the era, this is only the fundamental rules in running a food joint, and making it go with upgradation.

Importance of Interior Design

Why does Interior decor play a big role in running a Food business?

Lighting, music, sitting areas, and the architecture, all in a whole make statements in a restaurant. A common marketing strategy in the F&B is how aesthetically pleasing and unique the place is. Even though this prompts the customers to order more or less, this impacts the duration of the customer’s stay in the same place.

Take advantage of what you want by changing the customer’s psychology with some interior decor rules. Hence follow our simple guide to influence the customer’s psychology using restaurant interior design ideas.

restaurant interior design ideas
Caption: Restaurant interior design ideas


Check out these few restaurant interior design ideas with small budgets.

Necessary and key Elements for a low budget small Restaurant Design

  • Architecture & Design
  • Lighting
  • Seating
  • Colors
  • Smell/odor
  • Acoustics
  • Artistic food

In this article, we will provide you with Interior design ideas surrounding the following elements

Architecture & Design – #1 of Restaurant Interior Design Ideas

The architect is the structure and the design is the concept. It is one of the key elements for the restaurant’s interior design ideas.  A uniquely designed restaurant will have a significant influence on the customer’s experience. These include floor planning and layouts. In simple words, make sure how a customer feels comfortable surrounded by other customers. Moreover, the decor has to be operational to be completely performing.

Ideally, 60% of the space is made available for the dining area and the rest 40% for kitchen, storage, Restrooms.

restaurant interior design ideas
Caption: Restaurant interior design ideas



Another most essential key for the restaurant’s interior design ideas. Lighting can rejuvenate a dull place, all the paint, corner decor will be highlighted with perfect lighting. It defines the feel of a place.

For example, a fine dining place uses a relaxing mood that brings in the dimly ambient lighting to create the aura. Same-ways, in the same space, different other lights can be used to highlight different things, see for the path, the functional area, the service bar. Whereas there are some decoration lights as well, they are for an extra touch.

For a normal customer, the lights might seem similar, but a simple change in the order of lights can damage the entire decor.

Hence, an interior designer may help in the process and fix everything for you.

restaurant interior design ideas
Caption: Restaurant interior design ideas



A restaurant offers a full menu of food, hence it requires a better dining space than a cafe or a bar. A unique decor has the power to gear up the guest experience as mentioned earlier. Compare the seatings of Quick Serving Restaurants like Subway, McDonald’s with fine dining ones.

It can also differ from a Cafe with comfortable seats, recliners, and even sofas with heavy cushions, this is the easier way to understand how important seating is. The restaurateur provides the customer the comfort to stay longer and order more food. Sometimes a mix of different seatings may prompt the customer to relax, stay or just have a snack.


restaurant interior design ideas
Caption: Restaurant interior design ideas



Color in the Interior decoration is everything.

Your targeted clientele has an impact on what color you use in your restaurant. Every color has its mood set. Some colors will stimulate your hunger and some won’t. Every color defines different feelings for customers, Blue is calming but a suppressant color, while red is intense, yellow brings out people’s appetites.

The color of a cafe or food joint creates a mood for customers and it craves good food and drinks.

restaurant interior design ideas
Caption: Restaurant interior design ideas



How normally scent works on humans, same ways your customers will react to a beautiful scent. Some smells overpower the stimulus for diet, like Starbucks, Cinnabon, and even a bakery on the street.

But the right scent can increase the sale by 3 times. Co-relate with your cooking, if you make some scent float from the kitchen might induce the appetite. Again this signifies the Interior design of the restaurant.

For a low-budget small interior design, you can always go for an open kitchen plan. Artificial scents can also provide an impact on the mood of the patient. Many scents of flowers reduce stress and relax the mind, for example, Chamomile, lavender; whereas a warm smell like a burnt scent or a barbecue may kill the appetite, so use proper ventilation for smoked food or a bbq joint.

restaurant interior design ideas
Caption: Restaurant interior design ideas



This is how music can play your mind-

Type of Music varies based on the types of restaurant, like a fine and exquisite dining place would prefer smooth instrumental music. Trending music for small food hubs is the best option.

Loud music can create noise while too soft can make you conscious about your neighbor’s table. Some of the interior decorations might even help the music to flow smoothly like curtains, carpets, wooden ceilings. You can always play faster beats for rush hours and relaxed, slow-tempo beats for off-hours.

restaurant interior design ideas
Caption: Restaurant interior design ideas


Artistic Food

Setting up a decor that doesn’t go with the food/cuisine the restaurateur served in the first place is the biggest design blunder. It is the core of the key to run a restaurant that the personality of the brand reflects in the decor.

Hence, the food should be as satisfying as the design itself. It might enlighten the place with great lengthy talks, and make the journey a success from ambiance to the plate.

restaurant interior design ideas
Caption: Restaurant interior design ideas


Try and Employ these tips in your low-budget small restaurant design to make sure that you leave a desirable impact on your customers and make them visit you again. If you are looking for the best Interior designer in the city, you are not far. Visit us at HSAA: Best Interior Designer in India for a consultation.




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