Colors have an important role in our life. We are attracted to colors like gravity attracts us to the earth. Colors have a great impact on aesthetic needs as well, from a simple decorative item to painting a room, an expression can be made by choosing any shade wisely. So, it is absolutely fine to choose your wall paints concerning the interior color combination. But make sure, your expressions don’t overcloud the Home interior design plan.

Best Interior Color Combinations:


1. All white and bright –

Home Interior Design

One of the fondest combinations is all white. Though white isn’t new for interiors, it can be very tricky to match up with furniture, or other objects in the room. White looks very neat, and decent, it requires very little decoration and can flow well with the minimalistic design. White or shades of white, like off-white, is a current update for newer homes. Make sure your home looks all bright and beautiful with distinct features intact well.

2. Paint with pastel

Home Interior Design

If you like little colors in the mindset of all plain, then pastel is one of the best options to follow. Pink, mauve, peach, baby blue, all come under the shades of pastel. A best and idle choice for home interior design. It will provide a distinct feature, feel like home, and blend in well with Indian homes as well. These offer a soft, neutral, and soothing nature in your home. This color combination supports new kids’ rooms or even a young girl’s room. It is light, airy, and offers a relaxing ambiance.

3. Metallic and Gold

Home Interior Design

The tint of gold, copper, and silver offers a very pricy look for a simple room. If you are looking for a luxurious ambiance of your new home, or you are renovating to change the home interior design then bring in this shiny bling to your life. For example, a simple copper lamp can enhance the beauty of a room. Gold is the new luxe! Most of the current designs are framed around these color schemes.

4. Grey on Grey

Home Interior Design

Does grey make you feel more alive? then grey is your color. An intermediate to black and white is not so dull. This shade builds such a way that it vibes best with textures as well as furniture. A monochrome palette bringing in a neutral look adds up more than two or three themes into play; say, minimalistic, modern, mid-century modern, or industrial. In these few themes, grey adds up a classy and majestic feel, hence it comes up as one of the best color combinations for your new room.

5. Soft pink and turquoise

Home Interior Design

A combination that is not very often seen. Soft pink is also called baby pink and can be a variant of peach-pink. But turquoise color combination on the other hand is very bold for home interior design. This combination encourages a bright and lustrous nature that brings the inner interest in living in the atmosphere. A personality that reflects in these colors may define bold, and beautiful. A better match for young girls or kids’ rooms. Most versatile shades for walls, also it works for some design styles in your home.

6. Shades of Blue with yellow

Home Interior Design

The unique color combination on a new home can be all positive any shades of blue. The energy from this color is very vivid and playful. If you are an enthusiast with designing, then you are not new to the color combination of blue. White and blue; aqua and sky finishes, colors that illuminate even in lightless nights. Blue and yellow is another eccentric mix of very that is more exciting to the homeowners. Yellow is known for its fun, electric pairing with your mood.

7. Pair with orange

Home Interior Design

If you are looking for a little exciting shade like orange or red, then pair it up with a soothing touch that also creates a perfect ambiance for a happy family. Orange dominates any other color combination for a home interior design. The purity of a plain white or such light color brings the orange into life. This shade unifies several spaces in the room or furniture in the room. Cheerfulness can also reflect in one’s life through the colors of the wall.

8. Dark green/blue with black

Home Interior Design

What do you think going over with the dark shades? Not always dark colors have a bad vibe. A shade that can be well managed with other color combinations as well is what we want. Also dark green or navy blue with darker shades gives a more luxe vibe. If paired with some metallic tone like gold or silver, it gives an aesthetic for home interior design that no other shade can give.

We would like to know your opinion:

Which color combination would you like to use while designing your home?

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