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We, at H.S Ahuja & Associates, stand for innovation in interior design and implementation. Meeting client expectations and delivering what we promise in our design brief is the crucial element of HSAA. Mr. Subhash Ahuja, our founder and CEO, believes in building classic and timeless experiences.


HSAA was started in the year 1987 & providing interior designing services over PAN India for more than 32 years.

The HSAA team consists of one of the best architects, smart interior designers, civil engineers, and visualizers, who have more than a decade of experience in providing perfection.

HSAA team provides absolute solutions right from planning to execution and concept to completion by supporting each other in forming the base of the organization – just like the pillars of a building form its foundation. The firm has built more than 500 projects, quite different outreaching concepts. From design to makeovers or renovations, HSAA always puts forward the best work for its clients.

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Our mission is to revolutionize the interior design industry in India by creating spaces that not only reflect our clients’ unique personalities and lifestyles, but also promote sustainability and social responsibility. We strive to challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of conventional design, while staying true to our roots and incorporating the rich cultural heritage of India into every project. Our goal is to create spaces that inspire, uplift and bring joy to those who inhabit them, while making a positive impact on the environment and community.


Our vision is to be the leading interior design firm in India, recognized for our innovative and sustainable approach to design that transcends mere aesthetics to create spaces that positively impact the lives of those who inhabit them. We strive to be trailblazers in the industry, constantly pushing the limits of creativity and finding new and exciting ways to integrate eco-friendliness and social responsibility into every project. Our ultimate goal is to transform the way people experience their living and work spaces, and to inspire a new generation of designers to follow in our footsteps.

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