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We, at H.S Ahuja & Associates, stand for innovation in interior design and implementation. Meeting client expectations and delivering what we promise in our design brief is the crucial element of HSAA. Mr. Subhash Ahuja, our founder and CEO, believes in building classic and timeless experiences.
We firmly believe interior design is a challenging task and can bring life into dull-looking spaces. Whether it is a home, office or a public place, a well planned and executed design project can leave a lasting impact on the property. This is what we do at HSAA. Our work is highly regarded amongst top hotel designers in India. Our team comprises seasoned architects, interior designers, civil engineers, visualizers and many such strong pillars who collectively design enchanting spaces. They make sure the designing process is always in sync with the client’s brief, so the final output resembles the client’s ask

C.E.OSubhash Ahuja

H.S Ahuja & Associates is a legacy that represents the emerging and evolving face of interior design. We don’t just bring furniture pieces together or set up large spaces; we add a personality to them.

Our vision is to understand the client’s demand, merge it with traditional and contemporary design elements and present to them the final design. This uniqueness of our designs reflects in our residential, home, and even office spaces.

Our CEO, Mr. Subhash Ahuja quotes: “I always keep thinking about new items and innovative

ideas and try to apply them in my business”. Essential aspects of brilliant interior design are also the quality of products used and the design vision.

Our team of experts has an eye for detail and choosing only products that match our quality standards. After all, the foundation of sound design lies in quality.

Our clients get to experience our ethics, approach, and commitment to design from the brief stage itself.

What sets H.S Ahuja & Associates apart from the rest is customized solutions that cater to our client’s needs, their budget, and vision.

Best interior designer in delhi
best interior designer in delhi

Chief Interior Designer Ms Hema

Ms. Hema is the Chief Interior design Consultant at HSSA. Her design philosophy reflects across the company’s projects. Hema has over two decades of experience in designing homes, offices, and hotels.

Hema’s style is fusion, where she likes to balance traditional elements and royalty. You will always find a touch of luxury in HSSA’s projects, it’s all the touch of Hema! She loves to work in tandem

with the client’s demands and works at blending her signature style with it. The results if you ask are over 500 projects delivered until now each one unique in its way.

Sticking to the classics over current design trends is her style of work. There is always room for improvement, and the interior design industry is a place to keep learning and honing one’s design skills.

Hema is committed to tackling challenging briefs and delivering excellent interior design experiences to her clients.


We are a top interior design firm working for pan India with a professional interior design team. Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible designs.



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1/116, Satguru Ram Singh Marg, Shubash Sadan, W.H.S. Block, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110015, India
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best interior designer in delhi

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