The feeling of lying down in a fluffy hotel bed is still unbeatable. That all so perfect bed is tucked and folded to create a most sleep and relaxation inviting space you will ever get. And not to mention they are one of the few things that make you feel like are a little piece of home when away.
Imagine if you get this cosy, smooth and snug comfort at your own space. A lot of you would surely want it at your home right now. But trying without a full-proof knowledge and hidden tips & tricks can lead to creating a disaster at times. No worries, this guide with help you re-create the oh so comforting hotel like bed right at your personal space.How to re-create a hotel like a bed?
Things you will need to start with:
• A king-sized bed (preferably)
• Comfiest mattress (therapeutic/ spring ones/ or a layer of feather bed over your old mattress)
• Over 300 thread counts sheet
• White linens.
• Cotton Duvet Cover with Down comforter
• A perfect pillow mix.

Start with the basics (Bed & Mattresses)

To start with, a high-quality bed and mattress are the necessities to create the physical comfort you get on a hotel bed. Keep king-sized bed at your preference so that you can curl around freely.
A right mattress is a foundation to a relaxed sleep. And when talking about the mattress, you get what you pay for. As a lot of hotels get them explicitly customised for their space, so you might not be able to replicate a few of them. However, there are a plethora of options available that specify on your comfort and health both. Opt for the therapeutic ones or if you are not ready to lay off your old ones, just turn them and layer a feather bed over them.

The mystery of thread counts

This is something that adds in as the cherry on the top to your bed’s luxury. Apart from designing the look, your primary focus should be to feel luxurious. To match with that luxurious silky-textured linen, hover around or above the 300-thread count mark. As you are going for the authentic feel, opt for cotton ones to get that breathable and stay cool feel. Avoid those cheap microfibre varieties.

The mix of Cotton Duvet cover with Down comforter/quilt

When planning for that hotel-like bed feel, go for an extra fluffy down comforter with cotton duvet cover. Before placing the duvet, shake it well to distribute the filling evenly.
Tip: A 1-2 inches wider comforter than the Duvet cover adds in the lush and magnificent result.

Add a throw to match the interiors.

With hotel beds are decked up with an all-white theme, you can also notice a throw complementing the colour or theme of their interior. A neatly folded throw blanket at the foot of the bed symmetrical to the pillows or placed vertically on the edge will add into the entire looks.

Emphasis on a pillow and cushion mix

A hotel bed usually features 5-6 pillows with a similar number of cushions. However, you can customize this count to 3 to 4 fibre + feather pillows along with three cosy cushions to make a perfect mix—emphasis on goose feather pillows for comforting night sleep.

Before you jump into that hotel bed, the very first thing you catch is the crisp and white setup. If you are not a white colour fan, choose off whites, nude, and lighter cream colours to create a hotel bed replica.

To complete the entire setup incorporating a bedside table with the lamp. Just be cautious about striking a balance between minimum and maximum for what all you place on it. A lamp table with drawer management will go the best.
Re-creating a hotel like bed needs a lot of investment that includes both money and time. However, this investment is a long-term relaxation to your physical and mental peace which makes it worth a try. And keeping in mind the importance of the amount of sleep humans go through their life, this investment is justified.