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What to look for while designing hotel-like bathrooms?

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The new way to design your home also encourages you to add some special touch to your Bathroom. It is a place for relaxing, where you love to be yourself, removing all the sorts of odds from life. Frankly, small bathrooms are tough to design, whereas, the large ones require a lot more money to

Top 10 points to keep in mind while designing a restaurant

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Restaurants for designers are multi-functional spaces for interior designers. When you think from a design perspective, there are many different needs that one needs to attend to and take care. Starting from the ambience, hygiene, kitchen area, restrooms, the list goes on. To help you tackle the essential aspects of a restaurant design layout, we

Planning a kid’s room? Points to consider while designing the same

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Decorating a kid's room is special, as well as challenging. Welcoming a new guest in your life and family brings in a lot of joy and happiness. The foremost thing to consider while a new baby is born is a room. The nursery should be made lively with playful toys and colours maintaining hygiene.  Once